Ramboat 4.3.12 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money]

Ramboat 4.3.12 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money]

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Ramboat 4.3.12 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money]

Ramboat opens extremely intense battles. Taking place in a shooting style combined with surfing on the water. Mission against enemy army force for survival. The goal is to pass the game levels to be able to travel as far as possible. At the same time have the opportunity to explore the diverse environmental system. Accordingly, it also provides a series of unique features for you to explore. Enjoy the classic shooting theme, but with intense competition. Especially this game is also experienced in offline mode. Completely free after downloading so you can enjoy the drama in the process. Moreover, despite using classic 2D graphics. But the game is recreated with HD effects.

Ramboat MOD APK – Drift With The Flow To Fight The Enemy Force

Come to Ramboat ‘s offline shooting game. Accompany the character to enter the survival adventure. Armed with guns to make attack tools and use a boat to surf on the water. Drift with the flow with the mission against enemy army forces. They appear from many directions to attack, to take your life. Only by shooting down and destroying can we continue to move forward. As well as eliminate enemies to increase the survival rate higher. Accordingly, your goal is to overcome challenges to enter the cave. From there it is possible to complete the task of a level. Then will continue to enter the battle on a new journey.Ramboat

Hundreds of challenges with increasing difficulty

Hundreds of missions with lots of different challenges in Ramboat. Along with that are 9 stages that need to be overcome in order to conquer. Show your skills to accompany the character. Pass each challenge in turn to continue the adventure. Accordingly, the difficulty will increase with the change of many factors. From the environment that takes place, expressed through the surrounding context. Until the distance you need to control the boat to pass will be farther than before. Especially the appearance of enemy forces. Not only did their numbers increase more, but they also needed to be destroyed. But there are also many new dangers that make the challenge even more difficult.Game Ramboat

Take action

The process of performing missions in Ramboat. Can jump to the surface or dive below. As well as accelerate to glide fast forward. Or slow down to move backward. In particular, the equipped weapon system will automatically attack. According to the firing mechanism of the targets at the nearest range. At the same time, there is no limit to the amount of ammunition. Can continuously attack when surrounded by many enemies. However, this is only a free weapon, and the amount of damage generated is not high. As for weapons that need to be paid to own. The amount of ammo will be limited, but it can still be enough to fight the enemy until entering the cave.Tai Ramboat

Collect many items

In the journey against the enemy army forces at Ramboat. On the river flowing forward. There will be a chance to collect a lot of items. Includes letters to accumulate, to complete a word. Item carries a heart symbol to increase the chance of survival. Along with the gold coins that appear after killing the enemy. Moreover, random wooden crates. After bombarding will be lucky to receive a special item. For example, a new weapon to change the way of attack. Or the value coin when collected will increase a large number of gold coins. Accordingly, each collected item brings a different element. For example, letters, will complete a meaningful word and get an extra bonus.

There are 7 types of weapons

There are 7 different weapons to equip the character. Accordingly, the various attack methods will be changed. Includes flamethrowers, rocket guns, shotguns, machine guns, laser guns, and classic guns. Each gun in Ramboat is represented by its own unique icons. After completing a level to enter the cave. Aim to prepare for the next adventure. Money can be used to unlock your favorite gun. From there, choose your own attack. Accordingly, the flamethrower will fire out flames to burn the enemy. Rocket launchers will create great destructive power. There are many other types of guns that will be explored in detail when participating in the game.Download Ramboat

Modified MOD information of Ramboat

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money

Through Ramboat missions. Will be able to explore a diverse environment after each challenge. Including the river flowing through the natural forest and mountains, and the environment of the sunset afternoon. Cross the cold snowy mountains, and drift with the hot water in the active volcano area. More locations will be unlocked to explore. This will help you increase the experience when discovering many new places. With a difference reflected in the landscape and surroundings.

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Name ID Ramboat
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Size 34MB
New version 4.3.12
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money
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Update 15/07/2024 (4 days ago )