Realm Defense 3.2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Realm Defense 3.2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Realm Defense 3.2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Are you strategic enough to defend the kingdom from being attacked by enemies? Prove yourself as a supreme commander in Realm Defense. With content revolving around the task of defending the castle. Your kingdom is in danger. Because will have to face attacks from slimes and bosses. They attacked the roads leading to the city gates. In the role of a commander who has the power to decide everything. You will lead the heroes to the gate to stop the attack from the enemy. Also, build defensive towers along the route. Aim to wipe out all slimes to protect the kingdom. From there will complete the task and prove yourself. Moreover, you can also go to online tournaments to win titles.

Description about Realm Defense MOD APK – Lead Heroes And Build Defense Towers To Defend The Kingdom

Get ready to defend the kingdom from attacks from slimes in Realm Defense. With over 300 castle defense levels to challenge your strategy. In each level will take place attacks from enemies. They appear and move along the routes leading to the city gate. Accordingly, you will have to recruit heroes and command them to stop. Stand waiting at intersections or anywhere on the road. At the same time along the routes, there will be construction points. There you can build defensive towers to automatically attack when enemies appear and move through.Realm Defense

The process takes place

Each level that takes place in Realm Defense will have many different activities. Slime enemies will split into multiple attacks. Each attack has a large number and the war occurs when they face the hero. Simultaneously move through the range of defense towers along the route. The tower will automatically attack to deal damage and destroy. Sometimes it is even necessary to rescue civilians who are being pursued by the enemy. At this time, it is necessary to command the hero to rush out to prevent the people from entering the city. Block each slime enemy’s attacks in turn and wipe them all out. From there will win and complete the mission.Game Realm Defense

Achievements and quests

Achievements in each level of Realm Defense are shown by the number of stars. You can get up to 3 stars if you win excellently. Then there is a chance to receive treasure chests and open many attractive rewards. Includes diamonds, healing items, boosters, and more. However, each star will correspond to the required conditions at each level.

For example, successfully killing all enemies in real-time. End the battle and don’t let any enemies pass through the gates. Rescue the people before the attack of the slime. There are many other tasks that will be required at different levels. If you cannot complete one of the tasks given. This means that the number of stars will be reduced and the opportunity to receive valuable rewards will be lost.Realm Defense

The attack is more intense, even the boss appears

After completing a castle defense war in Realm Defense. Will continue the journey to protect the kingdom on a new level. Accordingly will face many attacks from slime enemies. The number of each attack also increased. At the same time appear many new enemies with more special abilities. There is even a boss appearance in the final attack. With superior combat ability when fighting with heroes. As well as durable defense and a large amount of health. Putting heroes in danger, because it takes a long time to fight. That means they will have to constantly suffer attacks from the enemy.

Recruit many heroes

The process of defending the kingdom from the enemies in Realm Defense. Various heroes can be recruited. Including the mighty dragon Smolder, the wizard Bolton, and the phoenix Helios,… There are many other heroes with special combat abilities waiting for you to recruit. Each hero possesses superior strength. At the same time has its own style of attack. In battle, they can also use their special powers to attack. For example, the Smolder dragon spits out fireballs to burn. Archer Fee is a sniper, with the ability to shoot countless arrows falling from the sky. Or the knight Lancelot could unleash a powerful punch.Download Realm Defense

Modified MOD information of Realm Defense

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • all heroes unlocked
  • free shopping

There are 4 types of towers for you to build on the routes leading to the gates of the kingdom. Through the wars in Realm Defense can choose to build. Includes cannon tower, bow and arrow tower, sentry tower, and magic tower. Each tower type has its own defense. For example, the cannon turret will fire cannons at close range. Magic Towers can attack further. The bow and arrow tower has a very fast fire rate with many arrows in a short time. Finally, the sentry tower will summon soldiers in a certain number to guard the road.

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Name ID Realm Defense
Updated On 16/05/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Babeltime US
Size 110MB
New version 3.2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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