Red Ball 4 1.07.06 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Premium, Huge Amount Of Money lives]
Red Ball 4 1.07.06 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Premium, Huge Amount Of Money lives]

Red Ball 4 1.07.06 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Premium, Huge Amount Of Money lives]

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Enjoy the fun and entertaining gameplay in Red Ball 4. This is an action game genre, which combines elements of the scene. Unleash the adventure of the red ball to protect his planet. To prevent evil forces from turning the earth into a square. This game is the 4th installment in the Red Ball game series. Continued content from previous versions. There are many improved features in this section. In order to bring a new experience during the game, but still follow the storyline. Accordingly, you will have to overcome difficult terrain. Face tough challenges on the road. Also, fight bosses at several stages. In addition, the puzzle action must be performed to continue moving forward.

Description about Red Ball 4 MOD APK – Accompanying the Red Ball to Stop the Square Enemy Conspiracy

Based on the story of the game Red Ball 4. Recreated before you start the mission. Through the graphic narrative of the red ball that has been turned into a square. Accordingly, evil forces have built a great construction. They capture the red balls to put on the chain. From there turn the red balls from circles to squares. Not stopping there, the ultimate goal of the enemy is to distort the earth into a square. To stop the conspiracy of the dark forces to change the world. You will accompany the red ball to enter the adventure. To conquer all difficulties, fight with minions and bosses.Red Ball 4

Game mechanics

Start the quest with the red ball in the adventure of Red Ball 4. To control will have to use the mechanics of the game. Designed to be intuitive and very simple. Accordingly, you can move the red ball rolling forward and rolling back. Two virtual arrow keys are displayed in the left corner of the screen. Besides, to overcome the treacherous terrain. Need to combine the round virtual key displayed in the right corner to jump up. By flexible combination to use the control keys. Just tap, hold and release to operate the ball. From there can move, as well as attack square enemies.

More than 75 levels of scenes

The adventure in Red Ball 4 unfolds with more than 75 levels. Each level takes place on a scenic journey. Accordingly, you will have to accompany the red ball to overcome dangerous terrain. Fight the evil forces of the square with precise jumps to attack. Also, collect a sufficient number of golden stars that appear scattered on each level. After completing the challenges and successfully reaching the final destination. Moving over will complete the mission and start a new adventure.Game Red Ball 4

Challenging challenges with tough terrain

Take turns conquering challenges to complete a mission in Red Ball 4. Right after starting a new level to continue the adventure. You will notice that many elements are changed. With more complex terrain than before, the travel distance to the final point is longer. At the same time appear many obstacles and traps. As well as square enemies equipped with armor and actively attacking.

Not stopping there, the rugged terrain will create puzzles. You need to take advantage of the surrounding terrain to make an accurate jump. Sometimes it is even necessary to use objects to assist in moving through. Aim to solve terrain puzzles to keep moving forward. For example, it is not possible to jump to the road ahead because the altitude of the terrain exceeds the jump limit of the red ball. At this time, it is necessary to roll the ball to move the wooden crate closer. Take advantage of that to jump over and continue the scenic journey.Red Ball 4

Life expressed through the heart symbol

During the adventure with the red ball at Red Ball 4. The life of the red ball is represented by the heart symbol, up to 3 hearts. Each time a square enemy hits or hits an obstacle, a heart will be lost. Repeat this until exhausted, you will lose your life. Must return to the last saved location. Moreover, there are some pitfalls that will take away the entire life of the red ball in an instant. For example falling into the water, rolling into the abyss, and much more.Download Red Ball 4

Modified MOD information of Red Ball 4

  • MOD Menu
  • MOD Premium
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of lives

On the obstacle course in Red Ball 4. When you arrive at a certain place, you will randomly encounter a flag. As soon as you touch it, the flag will be raised. From there you will be saved the location to respawn after losing your life. This will shorten the time it takes to start over. So don’t miss the action of rolling on the flag to save the position. Otherwise, it will cause you to go back to the original starting line and do everything again.

Link Download Now Of Red Ball 4 MOD APK

Name ID Red Ball 4
Updated On 12/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Size 53MB
New version 1.07.06
MOD Info Menu, Premium, Unlimited money lives
Get It On Play Store
Update 12/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )


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