Rogue Hearts 1.6.9 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Level, Damage, HP]

Rogue Hearts 1.6.9 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Level, Damage, HP]

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Rogue Hearts 1.6.9 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Level, Damage, HP]

Rogue Hearts is an engaging action role-playing game. Players will be taken into a mystical world. You have to face fierce challenges. This adventure journey is full of dangers and discoveries of mysteries hidden behind countless challenges. In the game, you will transform into a brave hero. You embark on a journey to fight the dark forces threatening the world. With stunning graphics and a diverse combat system, you will conquer difficult enemies. At the same time, collect valuable items and improve your skills. From then on, become a strong warrior. Explore the vast world, learn about its history and legends, and meet diverse characters with goals and decisions, from exploring mysterious lands to dungeons filled with secrets. Rogue Hearts offers a unique and dramatic role-playing experience.

Rogue Hearts MOD APK – Explore the dungeon

The dungeons in Rogue Hearts are full of mysteries, monsters, and treasures waiting for players to explore and encounter. Each dungeon has its design with different levels and floors. Before entering, you will need to choose the appropriate equipment and skills. They will be used to deal with the challenges that await. You will face monsters and enemies inside the dungeon, from melee attackers to magic users. During the process of exploring the dungeon, you will encounter mysteries. Players need to solve to progress further. This requires creativity and thinking ability. These factors create excitement in the player’s experience. Exploring dungeons doesn’t just yield valuable items and treasures. This activity also helps you improve your fighting skills. However, it would be best if you also were careful. Every step can push you into unexpected situations. Then, it would be best to make quick decisions to survive and overcome.

Characters and skills

Each character has unique skills tailored to their role and fighting style. Some characters specialize in melee damage, using swords and daggers to deal consequential damage at close range. Other characters focus on magic. They can summon magical forces or unleash various types of ranged attacks. The skill system in the game allows you to customize and upgrade your character’s skills. Thanks to that, it can increase strength and performance in the match. You can choose various skills to suit your playstyle, from increasing damage to protecting yourself and your teammates. Or even summon support forces. The freedom to choose and develop skills brings flexibility to the combat experience. You can create unique strategies by combining different skills. This depends on the situation and the type of enemy you are facing.

Various traps and puzzles

These challenges increase the multi-dimensionality of Rogue Hearts. At the same time, it requires players to use logical thinking and analytical ability to solve. Traps can be dangerous weapons, devices, or mechanisms. They are set by enemies or by the dungeon designer. Players must be careful in moving and searching, avoid getting stuck in these traps, and find a way to pass safely. Puzzles also play an essential role in the game. It manifests itself through decoding codes and figuring out how to unlock doors or activate other mechanisms. These puzzles challenge the player’s thinking and ability to find information. Promotes interaction with the environment and finding clues to solve.

Fight boss monsters

Boss monsters often have significantly more strength and attack capabilities than regular enemies. To overcome this war, players need to know when to attack, when to dodge, and when to use special skills to deal consequential damage. Each boss monster has its nature, and along with that come unique moves and behaviors, from attacking in particular patterns to using powerful magic. The drama and tension in fighting boss monsters create excitement for players. You will feel the feeling of facing a real challenge and facing the risk of failure. Coordinating skills and tactics is critical. It is one of the factors that help you win in Rogue Hearts.

Rogue Hearts is a great immersive experience. The game has given players moments of tension, excitement, and victory when overcoming complex challenges. This game will keep you hooked from start to finish. You will discover unforgettable journeys. Join MODLMH to conquer the world of dungeons and defeat evil monsters in Rogue Hearts.

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Name ID Rogue Hearts
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Ninetail Games
Size 168MB
New version 1.6.9
MOD Info Menu, Level, Damage, HP
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