Skip school 3.8.8 APK MOD [No Ads]
Skip school 3.8.8 APK MOD [No Ads]

Skip school 3.8.8 APK MOD [No Ads]

By The Toan - (Period 2 days ago)

If you love logic puzzles, don’t miss the Skip school game. This game is built with a very lovely background. There, you are the student who is trying to skip school and escape the pursuit of his teacher. Do not think that this is simple, because you will encounter many different situations. You have to take advantage of the things available in the environment to fool your teacher. If you do it incorrectly, you will be fined and have to go back to class. So if you want to take a break from school and go out, use your mind to overcome these super difficult “problems”.

Skip school MOD APK – Skip school with your wisdom

Have you ever thought about skipping school? In this game, you have to find every way to do it. The game story begins when the homeroom teacher accidentally caught you lying in the schoolyard during class. And so, he chased until he caught you only. In that context, you must use your wisdom to escape. That story will continue through many levels with increasing difficulty over time. This is also a way to test your intelligence. Let’s see how many tests you will pass.


Hundreds of different challenges

Starting with the first level, you are chased by the teacher on campus. The campus scene appeared with a statue erected there. You just need to click on the location of the statue to help the student hide there. As a result, the teacher doesn’t recognize him, and you win the first stage. After that, you will progress to level two, then many more levels. In each level, the game gives you a different setting and items. You just need to apply the gameplay in the first level to all subsequent challenges.

However, no two levels are the same in this game. In particular, the difficulty of the game will increase, making you think more. Do not think that you will encounter an easy situation like the first level. There will be dozens of confusing and difficult situations that you will encounter during the puzzle. You need to combine all the items, obstacles, and characters in each level. Of course, you have to do it the right way. If you do it wrong, you will be in a more ironic situation than you think.


Use hints

So how do overcome difficult levels in Skip school ? The game gives you good suggestions in the “Hints” section. Besides, you can also watch ads to get hints. These suggestions will guide you through a few steps to resolve the situation. You just need to follow these steps and add some other moves to pass the level. However, hints are not available for free and are limited. Moreover, your playing process will be disturbed by ads. For that, you should download the of the game to enjoy a smooth experience.


Various backgrounds and characters

Each level here will take place in a different context. That scene will consist of static images with limitless interactivity. In other words, you have the right to touch any image, get an item, or change the position and state of the objects… Thereby, you will think of many interesting ways to solve the situation. However, only a few solutions are reasonable and acceptable. Don’t hesitate to play over and over again until you conquer the challenge.

Besides, the game also offers a fairly diverse character system. They are the members present in the school, including the PE teacher, the assistant principal, the girls/boys, the security guard, and more. As can be seen, these are the characters that are very close to us. Each character also has a unique story and personality, creating diversity in the school environment. Thereby, the game will tell you some interesting stories revolving around many characters and situations.


Funny and friendly anime design

The levels in this game are designed like a cartoon. They have depicted close and fun anime still images. In particular, the character system in the game looks very friendly. The school setting is equally close to areas such as the campus, the gym, classrooms, benches, and more. Besides, the background has bright colors, bringing a pleasant feeling every time you play the game.

Modified MOD information of Skip school

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • no ads

Download Skip school to test your logic puzzle talent now. This game will really make you difficult with hundreds of the most fun levels. Your task is to hide from the teacher’s view of carefree truancy. But it’s not easy when the teacher can see you everywhere. Come up with the craziest tricks to hide. You will become the best hider if you conquer this game.

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Updated On 25/05/2024
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New version 3.8.8
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