Sports Car 3 1.04.083 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money ultima]

Sports Car 3 1.04.083 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money ultima]

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Sports Car 3 1.04.083 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money ultima]

Completely different from racing-themed games. Sports Car 3 game opens exciting races. With engaging driving activities taking place according to each mission. Test your driving skills during the operation. As well as requiring compliance with traffic rules during implementation. Especially provided with a variety of vehicle adjustment systems. Can personalize to your own style. Then join the journey according to each different content. Besides, there are utilities to enjoy when experiencing. The beautiful user interface, and intuitive design. With easy-to-use controls. Combined with a professional music player, you can play music from your phone to listen to while playing. Simultaneously reproduce real environmental conditions.

Sports Car 3 MOD APK – Drive Cars to Perform Missions According to Different Content

To increase the experience of driving gameplay of Sports Car 3. The publisher opens a diverse collection. Includes lots of different cars for you to explore. There are famous car brands with many choices. For examples Peugeot, Pride, Van, Samand, Peykan,… and many more. Each type of vehicle is designed with impressive styling. With its own unique style. Can be easily identified through the observation of the exterior and paint color. In particular, they possess different specifications. Including top speed, engine power, weight, and steering. In order to drive your favorite car, you need to unlock it. By using accumulated bonuses, purchased in the game store. The parameters can then be upgraded to increase performance.Download Sports Car 3

Customization to personalize racing cars

After owning your favorite racing car in Sports Car 3. Can personalize to your own style. Through the diverse customization system offered. Replace parts such as taillights, headlights, hood, trunk, and wipers. As well as change the paint color to create impressive highlights. Make racing cars stand out from the outside. Or interior design inside, with rich choices. For example sports display, audio system, dashboard,… and much more. Besides, the system allows for adjustment of the height of the front and rear wheels. In order to increase and decrease the vehicle’s ground clearance, to improve stability when operating. At the same time, it is possible to set the driving mode in the form of the automatic transmission, or manual transmission. Depending on your racing style, can be personalized to enjoy.Tai Sports Car 3

Various quests, rewards received

The task system of Sports Car 3 is very diverse. Revolving around driving will enjoy a variety of content. Including driving a taxi on a tourist journey, police chasing criminals, and transporting goods to the required location. Park the car at the designated location, race the street car to compete, and deliver the car to the buyer. There are many other tasks that will be unlocked one after another after completing the job. Each mission is a driving challenge on the open map. With different difficulties, because the system will give its own conditions. Must be done while driving. After completing and finishing a journey. Based on the achievement achieved and the difficulty of the task. From there will receive the bonus to use on trading activities.Sports Car 3

Driving process, risky action

The process of driving on duty in Sports Car 3. On open roads. There is a lot of traffic, as well as many different routes. You need to be observant to drive in the right direction, by tracking the minimap. During that time, it is necessary to obey the traffic rules. Drive safely, and try not to have a collision. Especially accidents with moving vehicles. It is also possible to perform risky actions. For example, use the handbrake to drift, and pass bends at high speed. This skill is very dangerous, it needs to be controlled flexibly. Because otherwise, the car will lose control and collide with the lane divider. Or increase the maximum speed to test the operability.Game Sports Car 3

With Sports Car 3 ‘s intuitive user interface. Design driving features in detail. But it has been optimized many things to match the gameplay. Make it easy for everyone to use to operate on the road. In addition to the same control mechanism as games with similar themes. Through the use of the brake pedal, throttle, and navigation to drive. The system also displays the speedometer. Surrounded by turn signals, lights, horns, door openers, and detonators. Wipers and hazard lights.

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Name ID Sport car 3: Taxi & Police
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SportCarGames
Size 186MB
New version 1.04.083
MOD Info Unlimited money ultima
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 month ago )