Stick Clash 1.1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Stick Clash 1.1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

By The Toan - (Period 4 months ago)
Name ID Stick Clash
Updated On 30/12/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Azura Global
Size 72MB
New version 1.1.3
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 30/12/2023 (4 months ago )
Stick Clash 1.1.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Under your leadership in the game Stick Clash. The task of leading the stickman force to attack the opponent. Aim to defeat them to increase the number of members. Continue on to the next path to find ways to increase the force. From there prepare for the final battle against the monster. The gameplay of this game is built in a tactical style. Get the theme of stickman warriors. Combine running content to defeat enemies and tame them into teammates. Accordingly, you will have to demonstrate the strategy of leading the force. Solve puzzles about the process of moving accordingly. Aim to defeat all other stickman forces and increase members. The target moves to the bottom of the map on the way to defeat the monster.

Description about Stick Clash MOD APK – Show Your Strategy To Defeat Monsters

The gameplay of Stick Clash is quite simple but very interesting and highly addictive. On a map divided into many interconnected routes. At each intersection point appears red stickman force. Their strength is shown in the number of points. Accordingly, you will have to lead the green stickman force. With a certain number of points to start the journey. The task of choosing a moving route is to defeat the opposing force. From there tame them into your army. Continue the journey to increase the number of green stickman army. Aim to move to the endpoint and fight dangerous monsters.Stick Clash

Rules of the game

According to the rules of the game Stick Clash. To defeat rival stickman forces and monsters. Will require the score of the green stickman army to be greater than the opponent. For example, lead a force with a score of 20 to attack a red stickman army with a score of 15. Then win and tame them into your force, increasing the number to 35. On the contrary, if the force is Your score is lower than the opponent team or monster at the final match. Then they will be overpowered and the journey must end. If unable to complete the quest, will have to start over. To be able to overcome this requires your strategy. Find a way to lead the army to move along the appropriate routes. From there defeat the opposing force at points to tame and increase the number.Game Stick Clash

Hundreds of levels to play and get rewarded

Stick Clash ‘s quest opens hundreds of levels to play. Takes place on many maps with different environmental conditions. Accordingly, each level opens up a challenging journey. With the roads appearing green stickman rival forces at the intersection points. Show your strategy to lead the red stickman army through. Can overpower all opponents to increase the largest number. Also, defeat the monster at the last point. When that will complete the task, continue to step into the new level. In addition, after each match wins complete the mission. You will receive an amount corresponding to the difficulty of the participating level.Ear Stick Clash

Various pitfalls

The process of performing tasks in each level of Stick Clash. At some point, there may be pitfalls. If you lead the green stickman army to move through, the number will be reduced or even destroyed. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid and choose the most suitable path. For example, burning fire, sharp thorn traps, iron spikes,… and many more. Besides, there will be a chance to collect food. This is a resource that helps your troops increase exponentially.

Challenges increase, and many factors change

Go through each level of Stick Clash to continue new missions. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. When reaching a certain stage will open a new map. At the same time, after each level will be increase more travel routes. This means that there are many red stickman forces at the intersection points. As well as pitfalls will increase the number more than before. Especially the monster’s ability in the final match. A larger score will make your army hard to defeat.Download Stick Clash

From matches and wins to get rewards. They can be used in Stick Clash ‘s castle-building activities. With so many different projects to build. Start from a small unfinished wall in a vacant lot. Then build each building in turn such as houses, castles,… and more. Aim to create a kingdom for your stickman forces to live in. However, to complete it will have to go through a long process. It will also cost a lot of money to complete.

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