Stickman Escape: Choice Story 2.6 APK MOD [Unlocked All Levels, High Rewards, No Ads]
Stickman Escape: Choice Story 2.6 APK MOD [Unlocked All Levels, High Rewards, No Ads]

Stickman Escape: Choice Story 2.6 APK MOD [Unlocked All Levels, High Rewards, No Ads]

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Stickman Escape: Choice Story is a simple yet addictive puzzle adventure game. Join the game, you will play an excellent intelligence, Lupin. Your mission is to investigate crimes and solve terrorists to save the world. But you don’t need to learn how to shoot a gun or use a knife. Instead, learn to solve mind-boggling puzzles to complete your mission. After all, your journey is a series of stories that come together to form a story. Do you want to know the end of this story? Let’s go through all the puzzles in the game together to find out its ending.

Stickman Escape: Choice Story MOD APK – Deal with terrorism with your mind

As a puzzle-adventure game, Stickman Escape: Choice Story offers a simple story. It follows the journey of Lupine, an intelligence agent belonging to MI6. The story begins with the case of the abduction of women by a notorious terrorist organization. Lupine has been assigned the task of rescuing the girls and destroying the terrorist. However, the terrorist forces discovered him early and were determined to take revenge. You will now join this war as Lupine. Get ready to face terror with your puzzle skills. Just choose to decide the end of this journey.


Choose and decide the outcome

Like many popular interactive mobile games, this one is built with a choice-results mechanism in mind. It will retell the story of Lupine in the hunt for terror and save innocent people. But he was constantly getting into difficult situations. In each such situation, the game will give you 2 or 3 choices. Your job is to choose one of these options to help Lupine deal with the situation. Each choice will lead to different results. If you choose correctly, Lupine can continue the journey. Otherwise, if you choose wrong, your game will stop. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

Choice-results gameplay is clearly shown in this game. However, it is not as easy as you think. The situations that occur in the story seem to be quite predictable but contain many unexpected elements. You have to think holistically and infer the outcomes for each option yourself. Then choose the answer that gives the best possible outcome. For example, in a situation where you are shot back by a terrorist, you get two options: the paint can and the gun. What will you choose? Revealing, the better answer is the paint bucket. It will cause the enemy to lose sight. At the same time, you can rely on the footprints left from the paint color to find out where they hide.


Crazy elements of surprise

The characteristic of Stickman Escape: Choice Story is the element of surprise. It will leave you constantly in a state of confusion because either option seems reasonable. Sometimes, some choices will be obvious, but in reality, they are harder than you think. Try to think deeply to find the most reasonable option. And you will know the results right after the selection. Don’t worry if you choose wrong because you can come back again. But don’t make the same mistake too many times if you don’t want to wait for a new turn. It can be said that puzzle time will show your level.


Explore many different places

The story of the game will continuously evolve through puzzles. After the correct choices, you will be taken to the next scene and unlock new puzzles. Just like that, you’ll have a chance to go through most of the story’s cutscenes. At the same time, it is an opportunity for you to explore many different places. You will travel through streets, secret bases, warehouses, deserts, jungles, savannas… In each place, you will meet new characters, new enemies, and many new interesting puzzles. And they will leave you with many unforgettable impressions.


Funny stickman cartoon style

As the name suggests, this game is designed in classic stickman style. It stimulates the character Lupine in a super funny stickman shape. Most of the remaining characters in the storyline are also in stickman form. Therefore, the game brings a friendly and fun feeling that is easily accessible to everyone. Besides, the details in the story are meticulously portrayed through 2D cut scenes. Even if you are a new player, you can easily see the implications of every episode. Moreover, the playful music and cool effects will keep you happy while playing.

So if you like the action puzzle genre, try Stickman Escape: Choice Story now. It will make you enjoy a series of funny but meaningful episodes. You have the right to adjust these circumstances through choices. But which is the wisest choice? Think carefully before choosing to get the finish you want. So, you can end Lupine’s journey with a spectacular victory.

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Updated On 11/06/2024
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New version 2.6
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