Stickman Ninja MOD APK – 3v3 Battle 5.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold/ RYSTAL, No ADS]
Stickman Ninja MOD APK – 3v3 Battle 5.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold/ RYSTAL, No ADS]

Stickman Ninja MOD APK – 3v3 Battle 5.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold/ RYSTAL, No ADS]

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Stickman Ninja is the most epic stickman battleground for 3v3 mode. Join the game, you will find fiery battles when impersonating the hero. The game offers the most diverse collection of heroes ever. Each hero is designed with its own set of skills and impressive appearance. So which hero style do you like? Unlock your favorite hero and upgrade to see him grow. Many new skills and new power thresholds will be unlocked. And you will have a series of different options to conquer the arena.

Stickman Ninja MOD APK – Action gameplay with stickman style

Stickman’s style combined with role-playing gameplay and fast-paced action makes Stickman Ninja attractive. This combination is shown through each level of your adventure. In each level, you will have an unpredictable battle with the participation of 6 heroes. Of course, your task is to defeat other opponents to win. Only victory brings you new missions and new levels. The battles will become more and more interesting as you get stronger.


Role-play and participate in 3v3 matches

In each match, you need to form a team of 3 stickman heroes. Next, you will bring them into the battlefield to compete with 3 other opponents. You can alternately role-play each hero to use their skills. Each hero has up to 4 special skills, a support move, and a normal attack. You need to combine these skills with joystick navigation to create effective attack combos. Also, pay attention to the cooldown of each skill before using it.

To monitor the situation of the battle, you can rely on the health and HP bar of each hero. You need to quickly get into the role of a new hero when your hero runs out of energy or has low HP. How you rotate heroes in a battle is also part of the battle plan. In other words, you need not only to master the skill but also to have a wise strategy. Moreover, you need to practice regularly to adapt to the pace of battle. Don’t wait too long if you don’t want to counterattack. This game is for real assassins only.


Explore the hero collection

Stickman Ninja can make you excited by bringing a series of extreme stickman heroes. These heroes are designed with inspiration from famous heroes in many manga series. Each hero will have a unique appearance, skills, levels, and attributes. In terms of level, heroes possessing a D rank are the lowest and SSS is the highest. In terms of skills, each hero has their own skill tree with new moves unlocked as the level progresses. The higher the level, the more diverse the skill system.

Besides, each hero has 4 important attributes, including Damage, HP, Speed, ​​and Chakra. The higher the attribute stats, the greater the hero’s power. To upgrade these attributes, you just need to upgrade the hero’s “level”. But to upgrade, you need a lot of gems and gold coins. A version of this game will help you solve that worry. Moreover, you will have a lot of money to unlock all the most powerful heroes. Do not hesitate to choose your favorite characters, combine them into the squad and bring them to the arena.


Follow the story’s progress

The game’s story mode consists of hundreds of levels. You only have access to the new level when you complete the quest in the previous level. Thereby, the game will lead you through many battles, meet many enemies and explore many different arenas. You will have the opportunity to fight on the desert battlefield, dungeon, or mysterious jungle. Moreover, a series of worthy opponents are waiting for you on each battlefield. You should prepare the strongest squad to defeat them when facing each other.


Enjoy explosive battles

This game owns a simple but impressive stickman design style. The hero image is well-groomed from appearance to skill effects. It is they who will create the heat and explosion on the battlefield. Effects from fire, ice, wind, and more feel different. Moreover, the combos with the combination of many moves are even more impressive. You will feel like witnessing real battles in movies.

Modified MOD information of Stickman Ninja

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • Huge Amount Of tickets
  • unlock all characters
  • free shopping

That’s why you shouldn’t miss Stickman Ninja. This game will really make you fall in love with explosive battles. Download the game to play your favorite stickman hero. And you will have eye-catching moves right on the screen. The unlimited upgrade factor allows you to discover new power thresholds. Thanks to that, the battles will be even more interesting.

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New version 5.2
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