Stickman Revenge 3 1.6.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems everything, free shopping]
Stickman Revenge 3 1.6.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems everything, free shopping]

Stickman Revenge 3 1.6.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems everything, free shopping]

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Stickman Revenge 3 is an action game genre, that combines scene gameplay. This is the third part in the Stickman Revenge game series of publisher Bravestars Games. Here you will enjoy more outstanding features than the previous two versions. Although the content is still similar in racing action style. But there have been many changes to provide a better experience. Various types of enemies have different shapes, they have their own attack style. At the same time, there are many stickman characters that have their own outstanding abilities to choose from and role-play. Each hero can also raise more support for pets. Help them increase their points and suck money, as well as receive valuable rewards after each adventure. More special is the appearance of bosses.

Stickman Revenge 3 MOD APK – Become a Stickman Warrior In Action Adventure

Become a stickman warrior to join the adventure. You will have to follow the rules of the game. The character will automatically run forward non-stop. Follow the simple touch mechanism to perform the attack and jump action. Just touch the left corner of the screen to jump up. Combine with the skills of the role-playing hero to use moves. Aim to attack enemies that stand in the way to keep moving forward. Although the gameplay is simple, overcoming the dangers is not easy. Therefore, it is necessary to flexibly combine operations and observe the environment ahead. Aim to get as far as possible, surpassing your own previous achievements.Stickman Revenge 3

How the game plays out and the rules

There are no specific missions in Stickman Revenge 3. There is only one goal that needs to be accomplished. It is running and surviving as far as possible. Try to surpass your achievements in previous adventures. According to the rules of the game, after draining life force and losing life, you can respawn to continue the journey. But there will be a fee with the amount increasing gradually after each respawn. Besides, if the option ends completely an adventure. The system will be based on the distance traveled with the number of achievement points achieved. From there will receive gold coins, plus coins collected during the run.Game Stickman Revenge 3

Fight with many enemies and bosses

The course of the adventure as a stickman warrior. The terrain should not be a hindrance to your journey. Instead, the appearance of dangerous enemies and bosses. They appear randomly at locations on the road. You can choose to dodge or actively attack to destroy. Keep moving forward to continuously increase the distance traveled. Accordingly, the warrior will automatically attack with the equipped weapon or skill used.

Pass a time and move to a certain distance. Then you will have to fight a boss with superior ability. The boss’s power is greater than that of normal enemies. For example, just a simple attack will kill the enemy. But the boss will have to attack many times to be able to defeat.Stickman Revenge 3

Collect coins and use assistive devices

At every adventure of Stickman Revenge 3. Gold coins appeared scattered along the running terrain. Don’t miss out and try to collect as much as you can. Because gold coins are items used to perform trading and upgrade activities. Besides, you can earn large amounts of gold coins after defeating the boss. Through another dimension appeared gold coins in large quantities at a certain distance. Not stopping there, there is also the opportunity to receive support from devices. For example, magnets after collecting will help you attract all the money in a short period of time.Download Stickman Revenge 3

In this 3rd part, there are 6 different characters. Includes stickman long sword, double blade, heavy sword, death, rocker, and witch. Each character is a stickman warrior possessing outstanding fighting ability. Shown through its own set of special skills, with 3 different attack moves. Also equipped with its own type of weapon. For example, the longsword stickman can transform, create killing intent to attack from a distance and create protective armor.

Modified MOD information of Stickman Revenge 3

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gems
  • Huge Amount Of everything
  • free shopping

As introduced earlier, each hero can also raise an additional pet. For example angels, ghosts, pigs, dogs, chickens, and others. They will move with stickman anywhere. It is even possible to assist in attacking enemies during the adventure.

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Name ID Stickman Revenge 3 - Ninja War
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Bravestars Games
Size 31MB
New version 1.6.2
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gems everything, free shopping
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