Sweet Cookies Kingdom 1.12.1 APK MOD [Auto Win]
Sweet Cookies Kingdom 1.12.1 APK MOD [Auto Win]

Sweet Cookies Kingdom 1.12.1 APK MOD [Auto Win]

By The Toan - (Period 5 days ago)

Sweet Cookies Kingdom is a fun and addictive game in the match-3 puzzle genre. You will be immersed in a sweet, colourful world of cookies and sweets. In this game, you will become the manager of a delicious cake kingdom. Take on the goal of building and developing your store. At the same time, it attracts residents to enjoy delicious dishes with straightforward gameplay but no less challenging. You must show strategic thinking and good jigsaw skills to create the right match-3 combinations. Collect and combine cakes and candies to create unique delicacies. Thereby satisfying the taste of residents and increasing the store’s income. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to show off your business skills by upgrading your equipment, expanding your business and creating a prosperous cake kingdom.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom MOD APK – Match 3 puzzle gameplay

Sweet Cookies Kingdom is an exquisite combination of traditional match 3 game and cookie kingdom management elements. You will have to skillfully create combinations of cookies of the same colour to complete different goals. With each level, you will face specific challenges and tasks. For example, create a specific number of cookies, and clear the land to build the kingdom. Or rescue precious ingredients trapped in stone blocks. It would be best if you had flexible tactics and agile skills to create combinations at the right time. Thanks to that, to achieve goals and solve challenges. Match 3 gameplay is not only fun. It also helps you to earn precious materials that help improve and expand your cookie kingdom. The combination of puzzle gameplay and management elements creates an addictive in-game experience.

Diverse levels of play

The levels in the game are meticulously designed. From making a specific number of cookies in a limited time. Until solving challenging logic puzzles to continue building the cake kingdom. Each level gives players different goals and challenges. Requires a combination of quick thinking and flexible situational skills. Players will feel the sublimation when overcoming challenges and progressing further in the game. Completing levels will help you collect materials. Upgrade the cake kingdom, and expand the production capacity. Sweet Cookies Kingdom offers players a challenging and progressive experience. Help you experience memorable moments in your kingdom-building journey.

Collect support items

The items in Sweet Cookies Kingdom help you face tough challenges. Simultaneously optimize the biscuit production process. It can be an ingredient collection which helps you quickly gather the ingredients needed to make cookies. In addition, you can also find items that help speed up the baking process. Or make match 3 combinations easier. How you use and manage boosters will affect your performance. Especially in building and developing the cake kingdom. Careful consideration when using items will help you overcome complex challenges and go further in the game.

Ranking and sharing

Leaderboards and sharing are excellent features that help you connect with the community of players. This is where you can see your rating against other players. At the same time, share your achievements in building the cake kingdom. You can compare your score, level or achievements with other players. Thereby knowing who is leading in developing the cake kingdom. Along with that is a competition to climb on the leaderboard. In addition, the sharing feature allows you to share your achievements and current levels on social networking platforms. You can proudly share the growth of your cake kingdom with your friends and loved ones. Or invite them to join and compete. Thanks to this feature, gamers can connect and interact with a large community of players.

Sweet Cookies Kingdom is a delicate and fun game. The game has a beautiful combination of exciting match-3 gameplay and innovative business management elements. Whether you are a puzzle enthusiast or want to be a store manager, this game will surely bring you moments of relaxation and a memorable experience. Let’s join MODLMH to become a talented manager with a thriving pastry empire.

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Name ID Sweet Cookies Kingdom
Updated On 14/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher V2R
Size 47MB
New version 1.12.1
MOD Info Auto Win
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Update 14/06/2024 (5 days ago )