The Big Hit 2.3.0c APK MOD [Free Upgrade]
The Big Hit 2.3.0c APK MOD [Free Upgrade]

The Big Hit 2.3.0c APK MOD [Free Upgrade]

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Promising to open up fun entertainment levels in the game The Big Hit. This is a game built in Arcade style. Brings growth matches to attack opponents. Through the system, quests take place in the form of each level. The content of the game revolves around hand muscle development. Then attack to send the enemy as far as possible. Achievements are expressed through a 10-point scale. Moreover, this is a game that is completely free to play. After downloading will help you experience offline mode. Easy to access and use to participate in challenges. Especially simulated in the form of bright graphics. Combine stickman character shaping style. Along with a simple control mechanism.
Download The Big Hit MOD APK – Develop Arm Muscles To Strike Giants
The content of The Big Hit is built quite attractively. Control your character to participate in the race on the road. Collect dumbbells to develop arm muscles while dodging obstacles. Successfully reach the finish line with maximum arm muscle growth. Then jump up to attack the giant with powerful punches. Make the opponent fly as far as possible on a scale of 1 to 10. The achievement will be proportional to the number of points after the opponent hits the ground. To win with excellent performance at a level. It is necessary to control flexibly to avoid collisions with pitfalls on the road. At the same time collect a sufficient number of dumbbells, do not miss any. From there will knock the opponent with the longest distance.The Big Hit
Level-based quests, increasing challenge
Build fun content and it’s completely free to play. The mission system of The Big Hit is uniquely designed. Similar to other arcade entertainment games. Unlock challenges according to each level of play. Each challenge plays out a growth match to attack. During the process, it should be noted that there are two types of dumbbells. Red will cause the character’s arm muscles to decrease. On the contrary, blue dumbbells will stimulate the growth of hand muscles. Can grow larger to create strong attack power. After completing a mission in a challenge, will continue to step to a new level. The difficulty will increase with each subsequent challenge. Not only the number of dangerous traps appear more. And the giant’s endurance was also superior to before.Game The Big Hit
Collecting items, avoiding traps
In addition to the two types of red and blue dumbbells introduced above. The Big Hit also has a yellow dumbbell with the ability to increase strength. They appear randomly at a location in small numbers. Try not to miss to develop the strongest arm muscles possible. There is also a chance to collect boosters. Then will automatically use to help the character increase speed, and move faster. Along with that are many dangerous obstacles. For example, columns of spikes rotate automatically, retaining walls. Even sharp spikes are placed on the pavement. If the right collision will cause the character to lose his life. In addition, throughout the match attack the giant. There are many different giants, with differences in appearance and style.Tai The Big Hit
Purple stone to unlock boxing gloves
In the process of collecting green and yellow dumbbells to develop hand muscles. There is another important task that needs to be done. That is to collect purple stones on the run of The Big Hit. They appear scattered everywhere, throughout the movement. Purple stone is considered the main currency used for transactions. After accumulating enough, boxing gloves can be unlocked. Equip the character to gain more power from punches. Easily knocks the giant away with a longer distance. Moreover, to face the giants in the later difficulty levels. Can hit a maximum of 10 points. Purple stone is required to upgrade boxing gloves. Improve your attack power for excellent achievements.Download The Big Hit

The control interface of The Big Hit is simulated simply. Make it easy for all players to use as soon as they join. Here, you just need to move the character left and right. From there collect the dumbbells and dodge obstacles and traps. At the same time, the character will automatically run forward at a certain speed. However, although the control mechanism can get used to the moment you start participating in the challenge. But requires your observation skills to keep an eye on the environment ahead. Move appropriately for maximum hand muscle development.

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Name ID The Big Hit
Updated On 16/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 85MB
New version 2.3.0c
MOD Info Free Upgrade
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