Tuning Club Online 2.3812 APK MOD [Full Nitro]

Tuning Club Online 2.3812 APK MOD [Full Nitro]

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Tuning Club Online 2.3812 APK MOD [Full Nitro]

Show off your racing car design skills in Tuning Club Online. Then test the performance in a competitive race. This game is experienced in both online and offline modes. When participating, you will enjoy the attraction of the series of features provided by the system. Includes various unlockable racing vehicles. You can then customize many parts to create your own racing car. Even more interesting when participating in many attractive racing modes. But it is necessary to follow the rules and gameplay in each racing theme. Besides, there is a combination of graphics and sound. With sharp 3D picture quality and realistic sound. Shown through the operation of the vehicle in many races.

Tuning Club Online MOD APK – Tuning Vehicles To Join The Race

The racing system of Tuning Club Online is designed in a classic style. With legendary cars produced decades ago. For example E36, RX7, Skyline, Evolution, and many more. These are just some of the classic car models mentioned. Besides, there are also modern racing cars. They are produced by famous brands around the world. With many different versions for you to explore. Typical like Porsche 911, Audi, Chevrolet,… there are many more. Each vehicle is shaped in the style of its own impressions. The difference between them when unlocked will show through the default paint color and the body.Tuning Club Online

Many racing modes according to their own gameplay

Tuning Club Online has many racing modes for everyone to explore. Each mode unlocks real player or AI-driven car races. Depending on the content in each mode will open its own rules. You can learn about the racing modes in the game:

  • Free mode: Lets you drive with friends to enjoy the relaxing feeling together. Have a trip to many places and explore.
  • Race mode: Test your vehicle’s skills and performance in a competitive race. Maximize the power of the vehicle to be able to achieve great power.
  • Drift mode: Show risky drift driving techniques so that the vehicle can drift through the bends at high speed, but still ensure safety.
  • Crown mode: Defend your crown by overcoming all opponents to reach the finish line at the top.
  • Bomb mode: Find out the bombs placed by the opponent to defuse. Or you will drive a bomb-laying vehicle to create huge explosions.

Game Tuning Club Online

Design the appearance of the car

If you want to create a car with an aggressive appearance. The customization system provided by the game can be used. From there, select and design the vehicle’s design. Includes front and rear bumper settings, body kits, sports hood upgrades, vinyl stickers, or decals. At the same time design tires to increase friction and rim.

The game also allows you to design your vehicle in many unique styles. Change the paint color and add skins to make it look different. Mount on the roof of a car police, FBI, or taxi lights, even a clown’s head. Each custom part will have many different choices for you to make. But it should be noted that there will be many types of money that must be used to buy.Tai Tuning Club Online

Customize parts related to the operation

Are you interested in vehicle performance? The game offers a variety of customization systems to change the vehicle’s abilities. Includes piston, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel, and many other parts. Adjust the suspension, camber, and compensation to increase stability when the vehicle is on the road. Plus improved brakes so you can slow down quickly when needed. With the combination of parts to be adjusted. You can create a vehicle with outstanding performance on the track.Download Tuning Club Online

The race process of Tuning Club Online. Nitro can be used to increase top speed. But it can only be used for a limited time. For continued use need to accumulate energy from performing drifting or risky driving. Besides, it is possible to attack opponents to make them lose control. By driving at high speed and pinching or direct impact. Causing their vehicle to collide with terrain or obstacles. Moreover, it is possible to collect boosters to attack. Shoot accurately at the opponent ahead, taking advantage of that opportunity to take the lead.

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Name ID Tuning Club Online
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Two Headed Shark
Size 83MB
New version 2.3812
MOD Info Full Nitro
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