Warpath 9.40.07 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gold]
Warpath 9.40.07 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gold]

Warpath 9.40.07 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gold]

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Warpath is an action shooting game that combines strategy. Unleash story-based battles. Revolving around the attack against the rule of the Black Crow forces. You will play as an agent to attack the enemy’s lines. Perform missions to assassinate targets in many different locations. Destroy enemies to prevent their domination. Not stopping there, you also have to participate in the real-time war on the mini-map. Build your army and recruit units. Unleash a tactically arranged attack against the enemy. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. But at the same time, there will be opportunities to unlock much valuable equipment.

Description about Warpath MOD APK – Become an Agent To Perform Various Tasks

Are you ready to step into the attack as an agent? Prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead. With hundreds of different missions opened by Warpath. Follow the sniper gameplay to assassinate enemy forces in locations. It takes place on land and in the air. Use the equipped sniper rifle. Hide safely from a distance. Through the scope determine the exact position of the target. Can be combined with the zoom feature to see more details. Simultaneously adjust the center of the gun and quickly pull the trigger. From there will shoot down the enemy with a single bullet.Tai Warpath

Specific conditions in each quest

In each mission of Warpath. Will have to attack the enemy with a specific number, taking place in many different locations. They can be stationary in one position or in motion. Will even run at a faster speed, making it difficult for you to hit. Because there is no time to aim in detail with high accuracy. In particular, your targets are not just ordinary criminals. It’s also an armed terrorist force. Accordingly, you will have to perform many different tasks. Rescue innocent people who are being chased or captured by the enemy. Assassinate the leader of a gang in the city. Or destroy the bodyguards guarding the door. There are many more difficult challenges waiting ahead.Game Warpath

Harder missions and rewards

Every time start doing the next mission in Warpath. There will be a change to the assassination site. As the situation takes place will be changed accordingly. Furthermore, the number of targets that need to be shot down will increase. At the same time, they are difficult to hit, because they will move or hide. This causes the difficulty to increase, providing a tough challenge. Moreover, it also opens up situations that require you to identify the enemy yourself. Take for example a city with a large population. Need to find a criminal armed with a gun. Quickly shoot and destroy them before the enemy opens fire to kill innocent people.

After completing each task, you will receive a reward. Based on the achievement achieved and the difficulty of the task. Then will receive the corresponding bonus amount. Keep coming to more difficult challenges and complete them excellently. From there will have the opportunity to receive a larger amount to accumulate. Can be used to buy equipment, unlock and upgrade.Warpath apk

Unlock multiple guns

There are many types of sniper guns for you to use in Warpath. Each type is designed in its own unique style. Also has outstanding attack ability. The difference between each gun is shown by the stats. Includes damage done when hitting an enemy. Range of fire, stability during aiming, magnification, ammo capacity and reload time after each shot. To be able to increase the effectiveness of the gun in the next war. You can use the money to upgrade.

Battle on the map

In addition to the assassination mission, there is also the real-time war of Warpath. Accordingly, it will open simulated attacks on the map. Your mission is to set up the battle and recruit units. Build strategies to prepare for fierce battles. Fight against the defenses of enemy army forces. Capture the strong points and expand the territory. At the same time, build a base to continue to strengthen the fighting force. Deploy more attacks on more enemy troops to dominate the territory.Download Warpath

Modified MOD information of Warpath

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gold
  • Huge Amount Of gems

There are many military units in Warpath for you to recruit. Including officers, armored forces, helicopters, and more. Each unit possesses its own superior combat ability. Officers are equipped with various guns to attack. For example rifles and cannon firing. Helicopters will discharge bullets from the air in large numbers. Or tanks have high defense and can attack powerfully.

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Name ID Warpath
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher LilithGames
Size 74MB
New version 9.40.07
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gold
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Update 09/05/2024 (3 weeks ago )