Weapon Master 3D 1.3.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money, Gems, No Ads]
Weapon Master 3D 1.3.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money, Gems, No Ads]

Weapon Master 3D 1.3.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money, Gems, No Ads]

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Weapon Master 3D is a business simulation game. Combined with the combat element that takes place in the arena. Accordingly, you will become a manager to perform various activities. Revolving around the quest to build a weapon store and grow. Aim to create an empire and become the richest boss. This game can be played in offline mode. When participating will enjoy many interesting features. System development works play many different roles. Until the battles against enemies and dramatic bosses. Besides, the graphics are built on a sharp 3D platform. With image quality bright and vividly reproduced. Incorporate fun sound effects throughout the gameplay.

Weapon Master 3D MOD APK – Weapon Store Building And Development

Become the manager of a weapons store in the business game from developer Mille Crepe Studios. Accordingly, it will have to perform a lot of different activities and jobs in the management process. Grow your business by selling weapons to soldiers. Use the money earned to invest, unlock buildings, and upgrade the abilities of units. In order to bring better efficiency in the empire development process. Here you have the power to make decisions. But it is necessary to carefully calculate and execute activities according to a smart business strategy. The goal is to build a strong empire and become the tycoon of the arms trade.Weapon Master 3D MOD

Weapons Business Process

Your weapon shop sells swords. Following a production line from the use of stone resources transported on trains. The miner will then pick up each stone block and move them to the smithy location. Here the blacksmith will conduct work to make the swords. When finished, the product will be brought to the display location on the shelves where the swords are for sale. Soldiers will move over and pay to own their own swords. From there you will earn some money through selling weapons. Can continue to use them to proceed with development. Invest in many other activities for superior performance.Game Weapon Master 3D MOD

Smart investment, improve units

Over time the weapon shop developed in Weapon Master 3D of MODLMH. The amount of work will increase more and more. Accordingly, the number of units that came to buy swords was higher than before. Need to optimize production time to create many swords. Through it, it is necessary to increase the working speed of miners to be able to transfer stones faster. Also improves the blacksmith’s weapon-forging ability. To do that will use money and proceed to upgrade. Increase production time, improve worker’s working capacity. From there, it will speed up the progress, and help your store grow more and more. Over time will turn the dream of owning a large weapons empire into reality.Tai Weapon Master 3D MOD

Expansion of showroom and upgrade

Using the money you earn, you also have to invest in many other activities. For example, expanding the business store by increasing the number of shelves displaying weapons. Each shelf can display 5 swords. Accordingly, to serve the increasing number of soldiers coming to buy goods. It is necessary to unlock the display booths to have more sales for them. Besides, it is also necessary to upgrade the character’s level, improve the ability of weapons and increase the ability of assistants.

The gameplay takes place in the war

Soldiers who come to buy weapons will move to the battlefield. Here they will gather into an army to wait for your leadership. The course of the battle will be divided into several stages. Each stage will face a group of enemies. After defeating them will continue to fight in the new stage. The next wave’s attack will be stronger than before. Pass each stage in turn until wiping them all out. From there will win and earn more bonuses. Participate in the next battles, when it comes to certain battles, you will have to face the boss. Possessing superior strength to enemies will often cause your army to face many difficulties, even receive defeat.Download Weapon Master 3D MOD

To be able to win the next matches of Weapon Master 3D. It is necessary to strengthen the strength of the army. By increasing the number of units on the battlefield. Accordingly, each unit will appear on a position, represented by a square. Use money to perform or some positions require to watch promotional videos for free. Over time, unlocking each location in turn can increase the number of battle armies even larger. But besides that, it should be noted, each position square will need a different amount to unlock.

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Name ID Weapon Master 3D
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Mille Crepe Studios
Size 114MB
New version 1.3.2
MOD Info Unlimited Full Money, Gems, No Ads
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )