World Truck Driving Simulator  1.404 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, all trucks unlocked, max level]

World Truck Driving Simulator 1.404 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, all trucks unlocked, max level]

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World Truck Driving Simulator  1.404 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, all trucks unlocked, max level]

Come to World Truck Driving Simulator to learn how to be a real truck driver! This is a truck driving simulation game that is invested very carefully from the gameplay to the image. The missions in the game will take you on long road trips. It’s your chance to test out the features in the car’s controls from the steering wheel to the brakes, autopilot, rearview mirror, horn, and more. Combine features and drive your way. But do not forget to obey the traffic rules and complete the assigned tasks. Now is the time to do it on the phone.

World Truck Driving Simulator MOD APK – 3D truck driving gameplay

The appeal of the World Truck Driving Simulator comes from real experience. This game is created from the experience of top truckers. That’s why it promises you the most realistic driving experience ever. Everything from the controls to the movements and effects feels familiar. Moreover, with high-end 3D graphics, an open world comes to life in this game. Immerse yourself in a 3D virtual space and try the feeling of being a truck driver.


Explore realistic driving missions

This game has no clear mode system. Instead, it offers a series of quests with different levels of casuals. Most of the missions will revolve around cargo driving trips. The length of the route and the complexity of the ride will depend on your level. Before starting the mission, you can choose the vehicle and choose location. Then, just sit in the cockpit, start the car, enter the pickup area, transport, and receive rewards when you reach the finish line and complete the mission.

To complete the trips, you need to master driving operations. These operations are simulated from reality, so they are very familiar and detailed. Specifically, it includes a virtual steering wheel [or navigation arrow], accelerator, brake, horn, speedometer, and navigation map,… You need to combine these features to drive the way you want. Navigation and vehicle speed control are paramount. This is not as simple as driving a car or a motorcycle. The weight of the truck and its cargo can affect your driving.


Unlock new cars and skins

World Truck Driving Simulator will not let you down with the available truck system. You will find here a wide range of modern truck models from top truck-producing countries such as Europe, the USA, and Brazil. Each car will have its own look, design, and engine. You can feel its detail from head to body, from the outside to the interior. In particular, each car will have its own engine sound, bringing a new feeling every time you drive a new car.

Not only that, but each car also has a separate skin system. You can unlock new skins for your favorite truck with bonuses earned after missions. With the new skin, the truck will put on a new look. But the skin does not change the car engine. If you want your truck to run faster and quieter, spend money on an upgrade. Upgrades happen throughout your experience. The higher the vehicle engine stats, the more powerful and responsive the truck is.


Experience realistic weather conditions

Besides realistic car design, this game also impresses with a realistic environment. You will drive through simulated roads that are incredibly realistic. It could be a smooth highway, a dirt road, or a rough mountain road, depending on the task. In particular, you have the right to customize the weather conditions for the driving process. For example, you can customize the weather for daytime, nighttime, sunny, rainy, snowy, stormy, and more. What is your favorite driving condition?


The detailed 3D open-world environment

The game will make you overwhelmed with the investment in terms of images. Specifically, this game is built on 3D graphics, suitable for devices with high-end configurations. Thanks to that, everything in the game is well simulated to every small detail. You will see modern truck models, realistic road scenes with toll stations, vehicles on the road, cleaners, etc. In addition, smoke effects from exhaust pipes or truck engine sounds are also available. feels more real than ever.

Modified MOD information of World Truck Driving Simulator

  • MOd Menu
  • All trucks unlocked
  • unlimited money

All in all, World Truck Driving Simulator is the best truck simulator available today. This is where you will take long road trips in a realistic 3D open world. Choose your favorite truck and skin before each ride. Moreover, don’t forget to customize the weather conditions for the most realistic driving experience. Now is the time to show your driving talent.

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Name ID World Truck Driving Simulator
Updated On 05/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Dynamic Games Ltda
Size 39MB
New version 1.404
MOD Info Unlimited money, all trucks unlocked, max level
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