XCOM: Enemy Within 1.7.0 APK MOD [Unlocked]
XCOM: Enemy Within 1.7.0 APK MOD [Unlocked]

XCOM: Enemy Within 1.7.0 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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Show your strategy on missions to protect the world at XCOM: Enemy Within. Accordingly, it will have to fight many different dangers. Not only the enemies on Earth but also have to stop the aliens. This game is a sci-fi game. Unleash is a brutal setting following a story about a mysterious meteor that fell to Earth. Accordingly, you will become the commander of a special task force. Lead the heroes to attack and destroy the enemies. The game is built in a tactical style. Your task is to arrange the positions of the heroes so that they can take action and attack. Through the process of playing will enjoy 3D graphics. Recreate the landscape and environment in the form of fiction.

XCOM: Enemy Within MOD APK – Fight With Enemies To Protect The World

Before entering the war in XCOM: Enemy Within. You will learn about the content of the game. Through a fictional story recreated through a short film. Set in the future world. One evening, a strange object suddenly appeared in the sky, crashing directly into the city center. Since then, many people have come to see it. But it is that curiosity that has caused countless people to lose their lives and be in danger. Because a blue light appeared from the foreign object. From there attack the people around them and take their lives. Those who were lucky to survive could not escape, they were taken away.XCOM- Enemy Within

Task Force Xcom

After the catastrophic events that took place in XCOM: Enemy Within. The world government has noticed the danger from unidentified foreign objects. But it was activated and left Earth. To rescue the leads were arrested. As well as clarifying the cause of the appearance of foreign objects. They deployed a task force called Xcom. This is a secret organization specializing in space-related missions. Their job is to protect the world from alien attacks. The members of the organization are all strong warriors. They are sent on a spacecraft to fly into space. Aim to rescue the people and fight the aliens.Game XCOM- Enemy Within

Fight aliens and Exalt enemies

Become a commander of the Xcom squad in the game XCOM: Enemy Within. Your duty against various dangers. Accordingly, it will have to open a campaign to attack the alien base. Those are the invaders who are trying to carry out a plot of domination. They will have to fight extremely fiercely to protect the world. By standing in front of the boundary of life and death on the battlefield. If the mission failed they would not be able to protect the order of all mankind. So there is no choice but to fight. Only when destroying enemies in space can the task of protection be completed.

Don’t just face the alien enemies. The Xcom task force also has to fight a criminal organization called Exalt. They are brutal criminals who have colluded with the aliens. Equipped with modern weapon systems to fight special forces. The common goal is to destroy humanity to gain world domination.Tai XCOM- Enemy Within

Many tasks need to be done

Lead the Xcom task force in the battles at XCOM: Enemy Within. There will be many different tasks to perform. Attack the enemy base to destroy their entire headquarters. Destroy the buildings built by aliens. Raid on the spaceship, the goal is to find a flaw in the design and fix it in time. Or fight the enemies in space to rescue the people being captured. There are many other missions that will open every time a new battle begins. Accordingly, based on the achievement achieved in each task. You will receive many valuable loot and bonuses to use to upgrade and develop the squad.Download XCOM- Enemy Within

Xcom Squad in XCOM: Enemy Within includes many different heroes. They are warriors possessing outstanding abilities. They all undergo special training courses with rigorous tests. There are some heroes like Heavy, Assault, and many more. The fighting ability of each person is not the same. For example, Assault uses a shotgun to attack. Dubbed an assassin with flexible fighting ability. Or Heavy possesses the power to disable electronic devices and machines.

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Name ID XCOM: Enemy Within
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher 2K, Inc.
Size 21MB
New version 1.7.0
MOD Info Unlocked
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