Zombie Defense – Plants War 1.6.15 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money, Full Diamonds]
Zombie Defense – Plants War 1.6.15 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money, Full Diamonds]

Zombie Defense – Plants War 1.6.15 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Full Money, Full Diamonds]

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Plant plants strategically in Zombie Defense MOD APK – Plants War at MODLMH. Perform human house defense missions. The match unfolds on the golden sand beach. Accordingly, they must prevent attacks from scary waves of zombies. Destroy all of them to protect the invaded house. From there complete the mission and continue to new challenges. This game belongs to the tower defense strategy genre. Built-in 3D graphics with sharp image quality. Along with that, the sound effects are reproduced vibrantly. Besides, there are many more unique features waiting to be discovered. With many attractive and valuable rewards to be received after completing. Promises to bring you an exciting defense experience.

Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD APK – Implement Planting Strategies to Stop Zombies

Set in a fantasy world of a global zombie pandemic. After the outbreak of scary viruses of unknown origin. Those infected will quickly lose their lives and become zombies. Under the blood lust that stimulated them to relentlessly hunt and attack. Create an extremely violent chaos causing the world to fall into apocalyptic circumstances. To prevent the outbreak control the zombie epidemic. Scientists have studied and successfully genetically modified plants. Gives a special ability to be able to attack zombies as a weapon. From there, fight against waves of attacks from zombies to save humanity. At the same time protect the base where the humans are hiding.Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD

There are 70 kinds of plants

Here, scientists have studied and successfully modified the genes of 70 different types of plants. Examples include green peas, sunflowers, cabbage, eggplant, pineapple, and lucky grass. Much more will be learned after participating in the defensive battle. Each plant is uniquely shaped after a genetic modification has given them extra parts and expressions. Besides, each type of tree possesses the ability to attack in its own way. That difference is reflected in the type of ammunition used to shoot to deal direct damage to the zombies. However, it should be noted, the plants will evolve according to each level. It is necessary to merge two plants of the same type, of the same level to be able to create a new plant tree.Game Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD

Mission in 3 chapters with 200 levels

Based on the story of the zombie apocalypse attack in Zombie Defense MOD APK – Plants War. You will perform tasks at each level. Go through 3 chapters with over 200 different levels. Each chapter unfolds into human base defense battles. Accordingly, it is necessary to pass the levels to a certain stage. After meeting the conditions, the system will unlock the next chapter. There will be many changes in the environment and enemies. In particular, the challenge also increases, making it difficult for you to deploy a defensive strategy.Download Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD

Gameplay in each level

Each base defense level is divided into several stages. Each stage is an attack from waves of zombies. They moved along the route that led to the base where the humans were hiding. Accordingly, you will plant plants in an area that enemies pass through. From there they will automatically attack zombies as soon as they appear. Continue defending in attack waves in the next stages until wiping them all out. Then will win and complete the mission in a level. Then continue to the defensive battle at a new level. The challenge also increased from there with the attack more fierce than before. At the same time the number of zombies increases with greater numbers.

There are 62 types of zombies

Experiencing zombie defense wars. Will have to fight 62 different types of zombies. For example soccer zombies, prisoners, doctors, monsters, nurses, and many more. Each zombie is uniquely shaped, expressed through appearance and appearance. The difference between them is also reflected in the size. Accordingly, the zombies with a large size will have better stamina. Besides, when it comes to a certain stage, you have to fight zombie bosses. With the ability to surpass ordinary zombies.Zombie Defense – Plants War MOD

The process of resisting attacks from zombies in levels of Zombie Defense MOD APK – Plants War. There will be many activities that need to be done to be able to stop the enemy. Every 15 seconds will receive a plant variety, but it takes time to evolve to level 1. Besides, you must merge plants of the same level to evolve. Based on the mechanism of pairing two varieties of the same level to evolve new plants at a higher level. At the same time, you must unlock the plot of land to increase the number of plant varieties. Depending on each cell, it will require the amount of money or even diamonds to unlock. It is also possible to use enhancement items to increase attack power. Or reduce the time to create a tree when receiving seeds.

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Name ID Zombie Defense – Plants War
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CSCMobi Studios
Size 65MB
New version 1.6.15
MOD Info Unlimited Full Money, Full Diamonds
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