Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.46 APK MOD [Hero Upgrade]
Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.46 APK MOD [Hero Upgrade]

Zombie Forest HD: Survival 1.46 APK MOD [Hero Upgrade]

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Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD is a doomsday survival game. The content is played out in an anti-zombie style. Accordingly, you will become one of the lucky survivors. Form a team with others and develop a defensive strategy. Aim to survive the days with waves of intense zombie attacks. At the same time protect the house built on a large tree. Besides, there are many other tasks to perform to survive. From gathering resources to sustain life, to finding items and equipment. At the same time, important strategies and decisions must be made. Aim to solve many difficulties encountered in the process of fighting against the enemies of the apocalypse.

Description about Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK – Fight for Survival Before Waves of Attack From Zombies

The setting unfolds in an apocalyptic fantasy world. With the appearance of zombies and they constantly attack to hunt for life. Accordingly, you will take shelter in a house built on a tree. But each day goes by and especially when night falls. Crowds of zombies relentlessly onslaught. Make your shelter unsafe over time. To be able to survive in a world full of dangers. It will have to gather the lucky survivors to form a group. Then work together and fight fearsome enemies. At the same time collect resources and food to survive in the next days.Zombie Forest HD- Survival MOD

The calculation, there are many surprises

The process of performing the task of preventing attacks from zombies. Thoughtfulness and strategy are two very important factors. Because there will be a lot of activities going on, as well as unexpected things happening. Accordingly, teammates in the group can leave the team at any time and take a portion of the resources with them. People who are exposed to zombies can be infected with the disease. But they hid their status, resulting in the other members being attacked by surprise and spreading the disease. Or the beasts and wild animals might attack by surprise and take part in the supply. Even your ammunition depot will be severely damaged if the fire spreads.Game Zombie Forest HD- Survival MOD

Offline mode

Follow the story of the game to go on a zombie defense mission in offline mode. Through each day fend off an onslaught of terrifying zombies. They approached the tree house in large numbers. Accordingly, you will have to fight with other survivors. Use equipped weapons and relentlessly attack with the goal of wiping them all out. After winning will complete the task in one day. Coming to the battle on the next day, the difficulty will increase with the attack from the enemy more fierce than before. They not only increased in number but also appeared as many types of scary zombies with outstanding abilities. Make your team hard to stop and even admit defeat.Tai Zombie Forest HD- Survival MOD

Multiplayer mode

Coming to the game’s online multiplayer mode. You can cooperate with other players. Build more rooms in the tree house. Fight together against the incoming waves of zombies to defend the base. Or assemble parts to complete a car. Then move with the other players into the center of the city. Attack scary zombies in the face. Not stopping there, this mode also allows survivors to move around the house. Especially if all ammo is used up, each person can also use the stock to attack directly. Besides, each survivor can level up, through receiving experience points.

Build a house and set traps

To strengthen the defense against attacks from zombies. You need to improve the house by using different materials to craft. As well as opening up the area by building rooms to accommodate more people. From there it is possible to receive support from them to fight vigorously against the incoming waves of enemies. Besides, it is possible to place more traps outside to create a layer of defense. Examples include animal traps, fences, fuel generators, electric fences, and barbed wire. Each type of trap used will give a special ability when the zombie collides.Download Zombie Forest HD- Survival MOD

Survivors in the game Zombie Forest HD: Survival uses a variety of weapons. They are all uniquely designed and strikingly powerful guns. Examples include submachine guns, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and many more. Each gun used will attack powerfully in its own way. With different pros and cons, it is necessary to learn to deploy the right defensive formation strategy.

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Name ID Zombie Forest HD: Survival
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Alexander Tavintsev
Size 64MB
New version 1.46
MOD Info Hero Upgrade
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )