Zombie Hunter: Killing Games 3.0.76 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gold]

Zombie Hunter: Killing Games 3.0.76 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gold]

By The Toan - (Period 5 months ago)
Name ID Zombie Hunter: Killing Games
Updated On 03/12/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Size 57MB
New version 3.0.76
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money gold
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Update 03/12/2023 (5 months ago )
Zombie Hunter: Killing Games 3.0.76 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gold]

The battle for survival in a world full of zombies. Through the shooting action game Zombie Hunter: Killing Games. Open fierce battles to protect yourself. Find a way to survive, and escape the attacks from the enemy. The game is set in the post-apocalyptic era. When the outbreak of the disease sent humanity into chaos. Civilization is destroyed by attacks from the undead. Role-play as a sniper to start the mission. The goal is to wipe out the zombies in each battle. From there get rewards to enhance abilities. It is possible to continue further on the challenging survival journey. At the same time will have the opportunity to experience many interesting features. Enjoy a realistic atmosphere and realistic simulated images.

Description about Zombie Hunter: Killing Games MOD APK – Hunting Zombies in Shooting Style

Based on the apocalyptic story of the game Zombie Hunter: Killing Games. The mission system opens each level of play. Each level features a real-time battle. With the conditions to be fulfilled, as well as compliance with the required rule. In the role of a sniper with a mission to wipe out all zombies. You will have to destroy a certain number in each fight. Then complete the challenge to get more bonus. The amount will increase day by day, corresponding to the difficulty of each task. Enter the battle to a new level. Will face more difficult challenges than before. The number of zombies to shoot down is larger. Their abilities have also improved, being able to endure outstandingly. Causing you to lose your life if not successfully stopped.Zombie Hunter- Killing Games

The gameplay, the process

During the mission of each level of play. Enemies appear at various locations. Follow the story of Zombie Hunter: Killing Games about the attack. They chase the lucky survivors. They are trying to run away from death behind. Use the sniper rifle and hide in a safe location. You will have to aim accurately to destroy. Successfully rescue everyone and complete the mission. Not stopping there, sometimes will be hunted by zombies. You have no support from any allies. Instead, you will have to act on your own. Hold a weapon in your hand to fire continuously at those who are trying to attack. Destroy them before falling prey. Then it will prove the skills of a professional shooter.Game Zombie Hunter- Killing Games

Locations, various types of zombies

The battles in Zombie Hunter: Killing Games occur in many different locations. Set in areas of the city. Each site will be recreated with a different landscape and environment. Through it, you will hide in many locations. For example in helicopters, on rooftops, on streets, and many other places. As can be seen, each location is modeled in a unique style. Along with the appearance of many types of zombies. They are the people who have been infected with the disease. Possessing a terrifying appearance, with a thirst for blood. Even in some missions, sometimes there will be zombie bosses. This is one of the most difficult challenges. Because the boss has stats that are superior to regular zombies.Tai Zombie Hunter- Killing Games

Combat Weapon System

The process of fighting with zombies in Zombie Hunter: Killing Games. Various weapons can be used. For example sniper rifles, bazookas, crossbows, and revolvers. There are many other types that will be unlocked after joining the game. Each gun possesses its own outstanding parameters. As well as unique styling, both are inspired by reality. Their difference is shown by each indicator. Includes damage is done when hitting an enemy, and the maximum number of bullets. Ammo reloads time when used up and stable. Besides, to own your favorite guns. You can’t just choose what you want. Instead need to use the bonus to buy. Through the accumulation process, then select and unlock from within the store.Download Zombie Hunter- Killing Games

Modified MOD information of Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money and gold

In addition to the guns equipped to make combat weapons. Zombie Hunter: Killing Games also allows you to train pets. Bring your dog for companionship in battles. With their loyalty, will move with you anywhere. Especially when it comes to zombie battles. Pets will rush to attack to support. Or search for zombies for you to hunt in multiple locations. This will be a huge help. Over time, pet growth is required to develop superior abilities.

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