2D Strike 5.9.6 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money health ammo]
2D Strike 5.9.6 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money health ammo]

2D Strike 5.9.6 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money health ammo]

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2D Strike ‘s open-play shooting war. Recreate extremely intense matches. The same fierceness throughout the duration. Play as a gunman to carry out the mission. Aim for survival and fend off an onslaught from enemies. Moreover, the content is combined with elements of shooting and survival action. This will help you feel the drama when participating. At the same time, open matches according to their own play style and rules. According to the information provided, there are 12 modes to freely experience. As well as a diverse weapon system to use in the battle. In particular, the game is completely free after downloading. But if you want to fully explore the features, you will need an internet connection. Here, the specific currency will be used to perform all transaction operations.

2D Strike MOD APK – Expanded Gameplay Shooting War

Freedom to fight in personal style, not limited by the environment. Thanks to the open gameplay of the 2D Strike game. Different from similar shooting-themed games. But instead of using the first and third perspectives to recreate the true perspective. Here, the game is used from a top-down perspective. This will not give a sense of reality. But will help you to be able to monitor the overall map on the battlefield. In the role of a gunman, equipped with a variety of weapons. You can freely attack according to your own strategy. As well as an unlimited range of movement. Which can combine to create many different tactics. At the same time, there will be opportunities to experience many unique environments. Takes place in locations with complex landscapes and terrain.2D Strike

The gameplay, the process

The matches of 2D Strike take place in real-time. Play as a gunman to join the fight. Before that, it was possible to choose 2 main weapons and a secondary weapon. Use in progress to deploy a variety of attacks. Your mission is to survive within the required time limit. Fight powerful enemies and defend yourself. To survive there would be no other choice but to attack. Use the gun to shoot bullets, to destroy the enemy. Or throw a grenade to create an explosion within a limited range. Even take advantage of the bombs on the battlefield. Aim precisely and shoot to create an explosion with a large radius. Deals large area damage, causing enemies to die when appearing in explosion range. At the same time need to move flexibly, and run away from the pursuit of the enemy.Game 2D Strike

There are 12 different modes

Do not let players be disappointed when participating in the 2D Strike game. There are 12 unique gameplay modes provided by the system. Each mode is built with its own style of content. That difference was reflected in the conditions of the battle. With competition between gunmen when performing many attractive missions. There are a number of modes such as survival matches, city defense, and against zombies. And many more modes will be discovered after participating. Promises to bring an interesting experience in unique gameplay. Simultaneously, the modes will take place in the form of online and offline. You can play completely free while in offline mode. Opponents and enemies are controlled by AI. In contrast, the online mode will have the opportunity to fight with other players.Ears 2D Strike

More than 20 types of guns, secondary weapons

Unleash your own fighting style. Through the diverse weapon system provided by 2D Strike. Divided into two types, including primary weapons and secondary weapons. In it, there are more than 20 different types of guns, which are the main combat weapons. Can choose to attack variety. For example rifles with the advantage of mobility, and ease of use when performing fast-paced actions. Or pistols can flexibly attack in close combat situations. Or sniper rifles easily fire bullets from a long distance. Thanks to the magnifying viewfinder for increased accuracy. Besides, supporting weapons are also very important. A kerosene bottle can be used to create a large fire. Or use grenades to deal massive damage, thanks to the explosive power of the explosion.Download 2D Strike

Modified MOD information of 2D Strike

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of health
  • Huge Amount Of ammo

The process takes place in the battle of 2D Strike. There are many support items appearing on the battlefield. From observing to moving to those positions. Will collect many different items to use. Support you in the battle against the enemy. For example, the first aid item will heal the character after being attacked. This causes the amount of health to be restored to increase the survival rate. Likewise, there are many types of weapons to use. Change the variety of attacks to improve the battle situation.

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Name ID 2D Strike
Updated On 05/04/2024
Requires Android 2.3
Publisher Ivan qSchulz
Size 27MB
New version 5.9.6
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money health ammo
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Update 05/04/2024 (3 months ago )