3DTuning 3.7.943 APK MOD [Unlocked Paid Content]
3DTuning 3.7.943 APK MOD [Unlocked Paid Content]

3DTuning 3.7.943 APK MOD [Unlocked Paid Content]

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3DTuning is a car design simulator. Built specifically for repair enthusiasts. This is a simulation game, set in a garage. Provide a lot of different spare parts to be able to use. As well as opening a diverse car collection, allowing you to freely explore. Individual creativity is expressed through the combination of parts. With unlimited custom gameplay. From there you can create a car with a unique version of your style. Moreover, the game is experienced based on online and offline modes. Make it possible to share photos and videos of the finished car with the world. Through the process of playing, also enjoy 3D graphics. With detailed and realistic designed car configuration.

3DTuning MOD APK – Customize and Design Freestyle Vehicles

Coming to 3DTuning , there will be no speed races. There is also no dramatic rivalry between the racers. Or check the performance of the car on the road. Instead, it is about repairing, customizing, and upgrading to create a unique car. Here you can test your car design skills against other players. Through unlimited crafting and customization. Complete a vehicle as desired. Then post your creation on the timeline. Help other players in the world know, and get likes and reviews. Moreover, it is possible to share on personal social networks. There is also the opportunity to explore millions of other players’ vehicles. Through that will learn many new things.Download 3DTuning

Parts, spare parts to change the aerodynamics

Start the quest in the game 3DTuning. Get a vehicle to perform custom operations. Use different parts to change the car’s exterior. Improve aerodynamics with parts such as front and rear bumpers. Bun guards, breakers, wheels, grille guards. Off-road and sports car tires. There are many more choices and other parts to customize. They are completely free to use. Let you be able to freely explore, unlimited. Freedom to create in a personalized way. Then, from a car, the original version will be completely improved. The prominence is reflected in the equipment mounted on the chassis and body. That will prove the skill of a repairman.Game 3DTuning

Custom color, decal

In addition to the spare parts used to change the vehicle’s aerodynamics in 3DTuning. You can also increase the prominence of your car in a unique way. Use a paint system with a variety of colors. For example blue, red, yellow, black, white,… and many more. Allows mixing multiple paint colors together on one vehicle. In particular, it is possible to customize the color details of each different part of the body. From there change the exterior to make a difference. Not stopping there, the game also offers different stickers and decals. Each type will have many choices to be able to change the style. The unique sticker on the car will create sympathy for the viewer. Combine with the right decal to make the car more impressive.3DTuning

More than 1000 vehicles

Come to 3DTuning to enjoy the car design gameplay. With over 1000 different vehicles for you to explore. From classic and modern pickup trucks, manufactured in America and Japan. With different generations of cars from the 1950s to the present. Or SUVs, sports cars, off-road vehicles,… and much more. These are car segments with many different choices in the collection. Each car is designed in its own style, expressed through styling. Because they are all inspired by real-life car models. Moreover, in addition to cars with many categories. There are also large displacement motorcycles for you to use. Once you have them, you can customize and upgrade them.Ear 3DTuning

Modified MOD information of 3DTuning

  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • all unlocked

Promises to bring the best car customization experience. 3DTuning game is used 3D graphics. With detailed and sharp image quality. Expressed through the shape of the cars. Along with the authentic design of parts and accessories. Moreover, the sound of the game is reproduced very impressively. Through repair and upgrade activities to create a car of its own style. You will enjoy the sound from the engine and the exhaust of the car during the customization process.

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Name ID 3DTuning
Updated On 18/06/2024
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher 3DTuning
Size 94MB
New version 3.7.943
MOD Info Unlocked Paid Content
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