456 Survival Challenge 1.0.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
456 Survival Challenge 1.0.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

456 Survival Challenge 1.0.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Make time for fun recreational activities. When it comes to action game 456 Survival Challenge. This is a survival game that combines competitive gameplay. Inspired by the popular movie about squid game-themed content. With activities corresponding to each challenge in the movie. Not stopping there, you will discover an interesting mission system. Experience survival activities with death challenges. Just one small mistake will cost you your life. Along with that, completing challenges will help you receive attractive rewards. But it will be necessary to overcome hundreds of other players. They are the main competitors in the activities of each game. Besides, when participating, you will experience 2D graphics in a unique pixel style.

456 Survival Challenge MOD APK – Survive With Other Players In Challenges

Come to 456 Survival Challenge to start the game. You will play the role of a character with the number 456. As a person invited to participate in the game according to the story of the movie. With a series of different challenges waiting ahead. Same with you, there will be many other players. They will compete with each other to find the last survivor. Through games such as green light and red light. Dalgona candy, tug of war, and cross-jumping. Each activity opens up completely different content. As well as exciting competitive gameplay with its own rules. When coming to each game will help you enjoy the difficulty. As well as the challenge and compete with many others. Only if you overtake them to become the last one left. Only then can you win and receive rewards.Game 456 Survival Challenge

Green light and red light game

Based on the green light game, the red light game of the game 456 Survival Challenge. In a large environment with hundreds of other people. Appearing in the distance is a doll that counts down from 3 to 0. Along with a gun system equipped to fire automatically, with high accuracy. You and others will have to move within the time limit. That process will take place when the doll is counting down. This means the signal light is indicated in the green light. As soon as it turns red, it will enter the death phase. Before that those who could stand still and motionless would have survived. The people found were still moving when the dolls counted to zero and turned red. Will be fired by the gun system used and lost their lives. Meaning the mission failed and could not exist. The rest will continue, needing to finish before the time ends.456 Survival Challenge

Jumping game

After a while of experiencing the green and red light game of 456 Survival Challenge. You can switch to another game to challenge your skills. Want to prove to everyone about his survival skills. It is possible to come to the game of holly jumping, which is recreated on the glass bridge. Connected by two mountains, in the middle is an abyss. This challenge is divided into two diameters. You need to move accurately and cautiously. Because each pane of glass will be made with 2 different types. They are divided into several levels. The system is calculated horizontally. You are only allowed to choose one of the two cells to jump. Then continue to jump over the next glass pane. If you accidentally step on the non-tempered glass pane, you will fall into the cliff. On the contrary, it is possible to continue moving forward if precisely moved through the tempered glass pane.Tai 456 Survival Challenge

The game of tug of war, Dalgona

Test the strength of character 456 through a game of tug of war. Here, 456 Survival Challenge requires agility. Combines observation and teamwork. Because you will be with other characters randomly arranged by the system. Simultaneously divide into two teams with equal numbers. Then the members of the two teams will tug on the two cliffs. Any team that is not strong enough will be dragged down the cliff by the opponent and lose their life. Besides, the game Dalgona requires ingenuity. There is no bustle and competition among other players. Instead, he will find ways to solve puzzles alone. By separating the candies from the place they are placed. Then complete the challenge to continue the survival mission. As can be seen, each mode will have its own gameplay. When participating need to complete according to their role.Download 456 Survival Challenge

The interface of the game 456 Survival Challenge is impressively designed. Brings suspense and fear, modeled after the movie. With the attractive bonus received, it is a huge amount of money after winning. But need to be the last one left alive. Means need to overcome hundreds of other players. Through that process will enjoy unique graphics. A realistic sound mix designed according to the movie. Activities taking place will change flexibly.

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Name ID 456 Survival Challenge
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Azura Global
Size 55MB
New version 1.0.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )