Adventure Of Defender 1.281 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Attack Speed, Unlocked]
Adventure Of Defender 1.281 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Attack Speed, Unlocked]

Adventure Of Defender 1.281 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Attack Speed, Unlocked]

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A challenging adventure awaits ahead, taking place in Adventure Of Defenders. Transform into a hero in your own style. Ready to face a series of challenges to perform the task. Fight dangerous monsters on the journey. Destroy them to stop the invasion, to protect the world. Accordingly, through the process of playing, you will enjoy a series of attractive features. From the diverse equipment system provided by the publisher. Until powerful attack skills can be learned. Moreover, the graphics are designed based on a 3D platform. Simulate environments and landscapes in many different spaces. Simultaneously create characters in the form of cartoons. Promises to bring an exciting adventure.

Adventure Of Defender MOD APK – Fight Creatures To Protect The World From Invasion

Adventure Of Defender ‘s character customization system will allow you to create a hero in your own style. Through the choices made to change the appearance, appearance, hairstyle, and face. Each type of part has many different options. Before embarking on the adventure can proceed to the design. It is also possible to choose the hero’s attack style, through its own unique combat abilities. Includes warriors with the advantage of flexible melee attacks. The mage uses magic to deal magic damage. Finally, there are archers with the ability to shoot arrows for long-range attacks. Each hero will have its own advantages and disadvantages in the process of fighting. It is necessary to learn to develop superior strength over time.Adventure Of Defenders

Quest System

From the adventure-themed story of Adventure Of Defender title. Unlock missions in each level with many different stages. As a hero, you will have to fight dangerous creatures. Destroy them to be able to move forward, through the stages of each war. End the match by wiping out the enemies in the adventure. Then continue the mission with the aim of conquering all levels. From there it is possible to carry out the task of protecting the world from invasion from the enemy.Game Adventure Of Defenders

The challenge increases after each level

After fighting the enemy in a level takes place at Adventure Of Defender. You will continue the adventure to new levels. The challenge from there increases with many different changes. Since the number of creatures and monsters that need to be destroyed will increase more than before. Until the terrain changes and the distance to be overcome will be longer. Make the difficulty of the game increase, bringing more difficult challenges. If the hero can’t resist the monster’s force will lose his life. Meaning the mission failed and the challenge could not be completed. Will have to do it again, if you want to continue the adventure.Tai Adventure Of Defender

Upgrading combat weapons

To be able to fight creatures and enemies in the difficult missions of Adventure Of Defender. Will have to upgrade the hero’s weapon to improve attack power. Through meeting NPC characters to make upgrades. From the smithy, it is possible to upgrade weapons by crafting and merging. Using 3 weapons of the same type can create a more advanced one. For example, possessing enough 3 bamboo sticks can be forged into a dagger with greater damage. Besides, there are many other weapons for you to equip the hero. For example swords, bows, scepters, and more. Depends on the fighting style of the hero you choose at the start. From there, it is possible to upgrade weapons according to the route of each type.

Equip heroes with items

In addition to the weapon system equipped for the hero in the adventure of Adventure Of Defender. Much other equipment can be used to change the appearance. As well as increase your own stats to be able to become stronger. Includes armor, shield, ring, necklace, and earrings. Each type has many options to equip. That will increase the hero’s attack, defense, attack speed, and health. Also can increase the critical rate after attacks to deal more damage.Download Adventure Of Defender

From Adventure Of Defender ‘s battle skill table. Over time can learn to strengthen, and help the hero face challenges in difficult adventures. Can fight dangerous creatures from later difficulty levels. There are many attack skills to unlock. For example, increase attack speed, deal magic damage, increase health over time, and much more. However, to unlock and upgrade the skill level will need to use the money received after the battle.

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Name ID Adventure Of Defender
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 7.1
Publisher Diary Animation
Size 87MB
New version 1.281
MOD Info Menu, God Mode, Attack Speed, Unlocked
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )