Alien Shooter TD 1.7.2 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Alien Shooter TD 1.7.2 APK MOD [Unlocked]

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Alien Shooter TD 1.7.2 APK MOD [Unlocked]

Alien Shooter TD is inspired by a famous movie in the past, which is Alien Shooter. Unleash the dramatic and intense battles. Based on the castle defense gameplay that takes place to prevent waves of attacks from monsters. As a commander has the power to make decisions to implement the strategy. Your mission is to recruit hero units and arrange them in locations on the map. From there, prevent the enemy from coming, to protect the base from being infiltrated. This game is in the strategy category that combines the element of defense. When participating will have the opportunity to experience dramatic defensive battles. With a wide range of features provided by the system. The same graphics and sounds are reproduced vividly.

Alien Shooter TD MOD APK – Prevent Waves Of Attack From Alien Monsters

The content of the game is built in the style of military war. Before waves of fierce attacks from terrifying monsters from the alien world. Hero units are equipped with advanced weapon systems to stop. Based on the defense mechanism that takes place in the matches. Waves of monsters will move on a route leading to the base. Your mission is to recruit hero units and place them at locations along the route. From there create a line of defense against enemies when they appear. Also, use assistive devices when necessary to solve some difficulties. The goal is to kill them all and not leave any alive.Alien Shooter TD MOD

Defense according to each mission

Follow the content of the game to perform the base defense mission. Unleash mission-based battles. At each mission is divided into stages. Each stage is an attack from waves of monsters. They move into crowds in large numbers. Do not stop moving forward along the route leading to the base. Deploy a commander’s strategy to stop the enemy. Use money and recruit hero units one by one and arrange them in empty positions on the map. Pass the attacks from monsters one by one until wiping them all out in stages. From there will win and complete a mission. Based on the achieved achievements will receive the corresponding amount of gold coins and crystals.Download Alien Shooter TD MOD

Requirements for each mission

Each defensive combat mission takes place in MODLMH‘s Alien Shooter TD game. The system will give you 3 specific conditions that need to be fulfilled. Accordingly, at least one requirement must be completed to be able to go to the next task. There are some challenges such as completing the match and making sure the base is 70% or more and 100%. Or win against monster attacks, defend the base by 80% or more, and successfully block the boss attack. There are many other challenges that will be opened in new missions. The difficulty also increases from there, but the reward received will be more than before.Alien Shooter TD MOD

Divided into 3 levels

Base defense battles are divided into 3 levels. In order from easy, normal and difficult. At each level, there will be a defensive battle with different difficulties. For the easy level usually reserved for new players. Because attacks from monsters through the stages will be easily blocked. From there will complete the task in less time. On the contrary, at the difficulty level, the match will be extremely intense. Requires your strategy to deploy defenses. At the same time, it must be combined with upgrading the strength of hero units. From there, there is a chance to fight back to protect the base safely.

There are 7 character classes

Currently the game has a total of 7 character classes. They are all heroes armed with guns to attack. Each hero is equipped with their own unique weapon to use in battles. For example snipers, rifle units, long guns, bazookas, and some others. Each hero class is shaped in its own style. It can be easily seen through their appearance, hats, and clothes that they use. At the same time, it is possible to enhance the ability of each hero by equipping new weapons to improve their strength.Game Alien Shooter TD MOD

At Alien Shooter TD there are hundreds of different types of weapons. They are all uniquely designed guns. At the same time, it is divided into many segments according to each hero class. The difference between each type is represented by the indicators. Includes damage, armor penetration, rate of fire, and range. At the same time, each type of gun has its own advantages and disadvantages in the fight. It is necessary to learn the details to equip each hero appropriately. In addition, support equipment can also be used. It was a bomb capable of detonating a large area to deal great damage to monsters.

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Name ID Alien Shooter TD
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher 8Floor games
Size 73MB
New version 1.7.2
MOD Info Unlocked
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