Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Boosters]
Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Boosters]

Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Boosters]

By The Toan - 04/10/2023 (7 months ago) - 46MB
Name Angry Birds Space HD
Updated On 04/10/2023
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 46MB
Version 2.2.14
MOD Features Unlimited Boosters
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Update 04/10/2023 (7 months ago )

Welcome to Space Adventure with Angry Birds Space HD! This game brings you back to familiar angry birds. But this time, it’s an entirely new world, full of challenges and mysteries. The game is like a ticket back to childhood for everyone. Angry Birds Space HD is the next version of the famous Angry Birds game series. It gives you a different experience as the birds deal with space gravity and other planets. It would be best to calculate projectiles, movement trajectories, and physics to destroy enemies. At the same time, complete exciting levels. It’s time to join MODLMH on a journey on distant planets and destroy hateful enemies!

Download Angry Birds Space HD MOD APK – War in space

In Angry Birds Space HD, angry birds will deal with the challenging space environment. Players must carefully calculate and use power based on direction and strength to defeat enemies. This space requires ingenuity and creativity. It even takes luck to destroy opponents and solve puzzles at each level. Each type of bird in Angry Birds Space HD has unique abilities. You need to take advantage of them to overcome challenges. For example, a bird can create a black hole to destroy enemies or create a thrust to change the flight direction of opponents. This makes variety in how players approach each level. You never know what you will face next. The only way is to strive tirelessly to get the farthest journey.

The difficulty continuously increases

Through each level, players will face increasing difficulty. You never feel too easy. On the contrary, you must always consider, calculate, and experiment to overcome all challenges. Subsequent levels in the game have different structures and shapes regarding opponents and obstacles. This change requires players to adapt quickly and find ways to optimize their shots. The way the opponents and level structure are designed is based on creating increasingly more complex puzzles. Players must master the unique abilities of each bird species. From there, please learn how to use them optimally to pass the level. Angry Birds Space HD requires players to evaluate and develop appropriate tactics carefully.

Collect rewards

Each level in Angry Birds Space HD is evaluated by a score system based on the player’s performance. You must complete the story with a high score and achieve the maximum number of stars. This number of stars is usually based on the points you earn compared to the required threshold score. You can get different rewards. For example, diamonds or items that help you progress in the game. They are used to unlock new levels, upgrade the birds’ abilities, or purchase special features. Also, you can earn in-game currency by collecting diamonds and scores. This currency can buy items and upgrade the birds’ abilities. From there, create development and optimization for your strategy.

Attractive design

The space model and planets in the game are vividly designed from the reflection of sunlight on the planet’s surface to environmental factors. All are created with care. Special effects such as fire, water, and light reflection make the game space more appealing. Sunlight shines through the area, creating beautiful lighting effects. The sound in Angry Birds Space HD is also in harmony with the events in the game. From the powerful explosions when you destroy your opponents to the exciting and contextual background music. Familiar birds are redesigned with a completely new style. Each type of bird has a different appearance and abilities.

Angry Birds Space HD is a highly stimulating game. It takes players on a limitless cosmic adventure. The game brings a whole new experience to fans of the Angry Birds series. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen. At first sight, you will be fascinated by the game’s sharp and bright graphics. Let’s enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment. Adventure journey in space with beloved birds always welcomes everyone.