Anima ARPG 3.1.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of everything, free shopping]

Anima ARPG 3.1.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of everything, free shopping]

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Anima ARPG 3.1.2 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of everything, free shopping]

Are you ready to join the action wars? Do you want to play in offline mode? Come to AnimA ARPG to role-play as a hero. According to the content that opens around the battle against the forces of darkness. You will face a lot of tough challenges. Conquer terrifying locations where countless enemies appear. Perform quests according to the game’s plot. Will have to fight the enemy, and use the hero’s power to attack and destroy. From there collect items and loot. Then use to equip and improve the hero’s fighting power. Aiming to become more and more superior. Increase your survivability in battles to uncover mysteries.

Anima ARPG MOD APK – Survival Fight Against Dangers

Before entering the war in Anima ARPG. You can choose to play as one of 3 different characters. Each character possesses a special ability, expressed through the style of attack. Consists of warriors, archers, and magicians. Depending on your play style, you can choose to play as your favorite character. Then develop strength based on the ability of the role-playing character. Warriors can attack flexibly at close range, dealing physical damage. Archers with the advantage of attacking at a distance. Can shoot arrows to deal damage to enemies. Likewise, mages also have a long-range combat style. Use magic to attack and deal magic damage.Animated ARPG

Story-driven quests with locations

Perform missions according to the storyline of the AnimA ARPG game. More than 40 open levels are waiting for you ahead. Each level will recreate a survival adventure. Target attack against dangerous enemies. Destroy them and wipe them all out to win. From there will complete the task and receive the reward. At the same time have the opportunity to collect valuable loot. Then will continue to new levels. Have the opportunity to uncover many unknown mysteries.

Through the quests will have the opportunity to explore many different locations. Includes courtyards, caves, basements, dark palaces, prisons, labyrinths, catacombs, and the forgotten city. Each location is designed with terrain in its own style. The difference is also reflected in the surrounding environment and landscape.Game Anime ARPG

Fight many enemies and bosses

Every time starting a new mission in AnimA ARPG. Will face more dangerous challenges. The difficulty also increases from there with many changing factors. At the same time, the terrain is also complicatedly changed. As well as appear many new enemies. For example monsters, demons, dark knights and zombies,… and many more. Their numbers also increased and attacked more fiercely than before. Make the hero always in danger. You can lose your life at any time if you lose focus or are not careful.

When reaching a certain stage will have to enter the battle with the boss. There are more than 10 boss battles to test the hero’s strength. If you want to survive and continue the adventure in the following levels. It is imperative that you defeat the boss and win. However, the boss possesses strength that surpasses that of ordinary enemies. But after defeat will have a chance to receive rare items.Ear Anima ARPG

Equip items and skills

Heroes in AnimA ARPG can equip many different items. Includes weapons, armor, helmets, shields, rings, and necklaces. Each piece of equipment when used will enhance the attributes. As well as improved superior strength. Includes health, damage, defense, and mana. Heal time, mana regen, attack speed, and more. From there, the hero can fight the enemy in fierce battles. Especially can unlock more than 45 different skills. But can only choose to use 3 skills during the adventure and fight with the enemy.Download Anima ARPG

Modified MOD information of Anima ARPG

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of everything
  • free shopping

From the wars in Anima ARPG. There is a chance to collect many valuable items. Accordingly, the game has more than 200 different items and equipment. They are divided into 4 levels, in order from normal, magic, rare, and legendary. Try to find or upgrade to be able to own legendary equipment. From there will help the hero owns unique fighting power. Besides, two similar pieces of equipment can be used to merge. Randomly generates an item with a higher attribute. Or can use gems to upgrade. With 8 gems, corresponding to 10 levels.

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Name ID AnimA ARPG
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Redeev
Size 657MB
New version 3.1.2
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited everything, free shopping
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