Anime: The Multiverse War 2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Anime: The Multiverse War 2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Anime: The Multiverse War 2.5 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Become a warrior to participate in the battles of Anime: The Multiverse War. Follows 1vs1 competitive gameplay revolving around anime and manga characters. You will have to fight many different opponents. Rely on real-time combat that takes place in matches. Will have to combine the skills and experience gained to attack the opponent. The goal is to beat to win, then continue to the new match with challenges waiting ahead. Here the content of the game opens a multiverse war. With the presence of many characters from different universes for you to explore. Besides, it is a combination of 2D graphics with unique image quality. Promises to open up interesting matches.

Anime: The Multiverse War MOD APK – The Multiverse War Between Manga And Anime Heroes

Do you want to participate in the multiverse wars between anime characters? Do you want to fight heroes with special powers? It is now possible to step into the matches of the game published by Room Studios. Accordingly, choose to role-play as a hero. Use special combat power, combined with flexible control skills. Compete against other opponents in a dramatic 1vs1 match in the arena. Perform precise attacks and dodge nimble actions for good results. The goal is to beat the opponent in the shortest time and finish the match. From there, win excellently and prove your skills. At the same time, receive valuable rewards corresponding to achievements.Anime- The Multiverse War MOD

Locations of the match

Multiverse matches in the game take place in many different locations. Including in the forest, in the street at night, in the street in the day, in the town, and many more. Each location opens up an arena that recreates the landscape in its own way. That difference can be easily noticed through the surroundings and color. For example in the forest covered with large trees, fighting on the ground. Or in the town with the golden sunshine, competing against each other on the brick floor of a large building. Accordingly, before starting a battle, you can choose the desired battle location. In particular, the arena will not affect the course of the battle between heroes.Tai Anime- The Multiverse War MOD

Letters with color symbols

The control mechanism of the game Anime: The Multiverse War is quite complicated. Detailed instructions can be found in the introduction. Accordingly, use letter symbols with their own colors to perform skills. But also have to combine with each other to create unique attack combos for each character. For example, repeatedly press B to perform a combo. Press Y to forcefully attack your opponent to deal massive damage. Or press and hold the circle button in the center, then keep pressing Y to perform a ferocious attack. Press the center button and hold to restore energy, to perform special skills. Or hold the X icon to create a protective shield, to reduce the amount of damage dealt from enemies.Game Anime- The Multiverse War MOD

Virtual buttons to move the character

Besides skills created from combining letter symbols. To move the character during the battle in the arena. You will have to use the 4 virtual buttons displayed in the left corner of the screen. From there you can move forward, backward, and jump up. Or do tap and then keep double tap to fast teleport. Taking advantage of that can also dodge attacks from opponents. Minimize damage to ensure a large amount of health, helping the character to survive. Besides, it is also possible to combine moving features with letter symbols. From there, create unique combos to deal damage, causing the enemy’s health to decrease and drain.Download Anime- The Multiverse War MOD

According to information provided by the game Anime: The Multiverse War. There are currently over 30 different characters from different universes. They are all uniquely shaped anime and manga warriors. It can be seen through appearance, clothing, and shape. At the same time, they are divided into different character classes such as magicians, ninjas, hunters, and many more. Each character has a different fighting ability. Shown through skills used in battles. As well as combos created to perform unique attacks. But it should be noted to unlock and become a favorite character. It is necessary to pay the fee and meet the requirements of each character.

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Name ID Anime: The Multiverse War
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Room Studios
Size 34MB
New version 2.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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