Annelids: Online battle 1.118.11 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Annelids: Online battle 1.118.11 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Annelids: Online battle 1.118.11 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Get ready to participate in survival matches in the game Annelids: Online Battle. The content revolves around the competition between evil worms. They are equipped with weapons to attack enemies and are capable of destroying any terrain. Accordingly, you will be accompanied by a worm with a unique color. Join the battle to carry out missions against other enemies. The goal is to kill them all and be the last one standing to win. From there will complete the assigned task and continue to the next battle. This game belongs to the action genre combined with shooting elements. Especially to participate in offline and online modes. With different modes to explore, promises to bring an interesting experience.

Annelids: Online Battle MOD APK – War of Armed Worms

Battles will be played out on 17 different maps. In particular, they are all simulated in unique terrain conditions. With compounds created by distinct colors and landscapes. Examples are brown land, lava ground, rocky hills, and even electronic circuit boards. Much more will be unlocked to discover after joining. Each map is recreated in an impressive environment. Moreover, they can all be destroyed after the evil worm attacks and impacts. Besides, the map will be randomly generated in competitive battles for survival. Over time, going through the matches will have the opportunity to explore all the maps.Annelids- Online battle MOD

Devil Worm’s Ability

The evil worm in the game is equipped with a weapon and a protective helmet. Especially owning a rope of unlimited length. Can firmly grip the terrain after launching and touching. Immediately after collecting the rope will drag the worm to move faster and cross the terrain. At the same time, the worm can also move on the map and is not hindered by the terrain. But there will be some impassable obstacles. For example, rock blocks with high hardness in the underground environment.

Besides, it is also possible to customize the color of the devil worm with many different customizations. Change body color with a combination of 3 colors including red, green, and blue. Moreover, you can also unlock some new species of worms with different styles.Game Annelids- Online battle MOD

Missions in Mission Mode

Come to the Mission mode of the game Annelids: Online Battle. Unlocks 68 different missions in order. In each mission corresponds to a battle level. Accordingly, you will accompany the evil worm to participate in the battle. The goal is to kill other worms in a randomly generated environment. Also, perform specific tasks given by the system at each level. Successfully survive and complete the challenge to finish a mission. Based on the achievement achieved by the number of stars, it is possible to reach a maximum of 3 stars. Through that will receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. Then continue to new levels with challenges waiting ahead.Tai Annelids- Online battle MOD

Mission mode gameplay

In Mission mode is played offline. You will control the evil worm to fight alone. There is no support from teammates or alliances. At the same time the difficulty will increase when coming to the next level. The quest given will be more difficult than before, but the reward received will also increase. For example in early battles, just kill all enemies. But later on, you also have to make sure you don’t lose your life in a battle. Moreover, you have to defeat enemies in large numbers.

Game Modes

There are many modes other than Mission for you to explore. Includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Conquest. In each mode, there are survival battles with the participation of many different species of evil worms. At the same time, the system offers its own gameplay and rules, which must be followed. Through it, it is possible to play online multiplayer, PvP, cooperate with teammates in alliance groups. It’s even possible to play up to 6 worms in a single map.Download Annelids- Online battle MOD

The evil worms in Annelids: Online battle can use a variety of weapons. According to the information provided, there are 33 basic weapons and 9 secret weapons. These include bazookas, rifles, rocket launchers, laser guns, and more. Each weapon used will attack in its own way. The difference will be shown in the damage dealt and the attack power. But it should be noted that to own them will have to be unlocked. Depending on the type will require different amounts to buy.

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Name ID Annelids: Online battle
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Michal Srb
Size 16MB
New version 1.118.11
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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