Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.10.02 APK MOD [Freeze Enemies]

Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.10.02 APK MOD [Freeze Enemies]

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Attack on Titan TACTICS 1.10.02 APK MOD [Freeze Enemies]

Attack on Titan TACTICS is a card strategy game inspired by the manga of the same name. It will revive the key details in the first season of this manga. In it, you will meet typical characters in the Titan world. In particular, you can recruit them into the squad to participate in tower defense battles against the cruel Titan. In addition to details from the original manga, the game features unprecedented stories. Let’s explore them through the dialogue of the characters. To discover more, download the game to your phone.

Attack on Titan TACTICS MOD APK – The war in the Titan world

If you are a fan of the Attack on Titan manga, you will surely love this game. It is about a fantasy world where the Titans are in control of everything. Humanity is dominated and imprisoned in a world surrounded by walls 50 meters high. But they unknowingly accept that in return for safety. However, one day, the Colossal Titan with a height of 60 meters appeared and broke through the walls. It opens a new frontier, helping humanity find the outside world after thousands of years. Since then, a new war has formed between the human group and the Titan. You are not out of that fight either.


Join the tower defense war

Thus, the war in the Titan world officially began and took place on a large scale. You are one of the members of the human group against the Titan. Your mission is to gather like-minded heroes to participate in this war. The battlefield scene takes place visually on the phone’s vertical screen. On each level, waves of Titans enter your base from outside the battlefield. You need to recruit and control the heroes against them before the base is destroyed.

As can be seen, the gameplay of the game is built on the typical tower defense genre. So it doesn’t require you to learn dozens of different skills. Instead, you just tap the screen to choose a hero card, then place them in the appropriate position to fight the Titan. Titan’s attack waves will become more and more crowded and powerful. To gain an advantage against them, you need to exploit the effectiveness of each hero. Besides, let’s combine them together flexibly to create strong offensive-defensive power.


Explore the character system

Attack on Titan TACTICS brings back the typical characters from the original manga. They are designed based on the original from appearance to dialogue, voiceover, and skill set. Besides, each character will bring their own story and have relationships with other characters. Specifically, you will find the following names:

  • Eren Jaeger: A boy with a strong desire for the world beyond the walls. He enrolled in the cadet in hopes of joining the Boy Scouts.
  • Armin Arlelt: He is Eren’s childhood friend and the one who teaches him about the outside world. It can be said that this is a character that helps promote Eren’s emotions and actions.
  • Mikasa Ackermann: A victim once saved by Eren himself. She has lived by his side since then for protecting her benefactor.
  • Levi: This is probably the favorite character in the original series. He is the captain of the Boy Scouts and is known to be the strongest of the human group.
  • Erwin Smith: A character with a strong personality and leadership qualities. He is respected by Levi and many others as a commander.


Follow the original story

It can be seen that the character system in this game has a close relationship with each other. Thanks to that, their relationship creates interesting details in the original story. You will have the opportunity to explore these details throughout your experience. Through dialogue and visual descriptions, the content of the story is conveyed to you in a subtle and logical way. Thereby, you will gradually understand the world of Titan and the hidden corner of each character. Mysteries are also gradually revealed as your level progresses.


Classic 2D anime design

This game is designed based on the original of the original series. So it has a characteristic manga and anime style. The character image is reproduced from the series. Thanks to that, it brings a sense of closeness to fans of this popular series. In addition, the battlefield context is described in detail from a top-down perspective. Titan’s appearance and movements also come to life from this perspective. Moreover, combat effects and sounds contribute to highlighting the battles.

Don’t miss Attack on Titan TACTICS if you are a fan of Attack on Titan. This game will help you experience the story of the original series in a new way. Instead of being a spectator, you are now an important part of the battle in the fantasy Titan world. It is you who will decide the end of humanity through wise strategies. Recruit your favorite heroes into the squad and upgrade them to conquer every war.

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New version 1.10.02
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