BADLAND APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems everything, unlocked all]
BADLAND APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems everything, unlocked all]

BADLAND APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money gems everything, unlocked all]

By The Toan - 02/01/2024 (4 months ago) - 63MB
Updated On 02/01/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher HypeHype Inc.
Size 63MB
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems everything, unlocked all
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Update 02/01/2024 (4 months ago )

BADLAND opens the adventure in the beautiful primeval forest. This is the habitat of many creatures. But hidden deep inside there are unknown mysteries. Join the game to accompany a creature in the forest. Start the journey with the desire to learn about the secrets. Accordingly, you will have to overcome many different challenges. Those are the dangers that can stop your creature from moving forward. Along with countless other challenges await. Learn about the game’s features. Experience on the device’s horizontal screen. At the same time, the scene will be in constant motion, requiring you to lead the creature forward. Besides, there are different game modes to increase the experience.

Download BADLAND MOD APK – Adventure In The Forest To Uncover Mysteries

The gameplay of BADLAND is in the style of the scene. Your mission is to lead a creature deeper into the forest. Find your way through challenging tracks. Overcome random moving obstacles. As well as conquering challenges that hinder moving forward. The simple touch mechanism helps the creature levitate. Combine with objects that appear to use as thrust. Strive to move forward toward the final destination. Try to conquer all barriers to reach the ancient tree roots showing a bright circle. Moving over there will complete the mission, be continued a new journey.BADLAND

Single-player story mode

Get ready to go on an adventure in BADLAND. Following the single-player story, the mode is opened. More than 100 levels are waiting for you to explore. Lead the creature in the setting of a vast primeval forest. Do not stop flying forward to escape the movement of the device screen. At the same time show skills to overcome obstacles. Attempt to conquer all dangerous traps that randomly appear in the forest. The target moves over the roots of the ancient tree to complete the mission. Finish a level to prepare to continue a new journey. No rewards will be claimed after each challenge. Because the content of the game only focuses on scene activities.Game BADLAND

Difficulty increased

Continue the journey to the next level of BADLAND. The difficulty will increase with more difficult challenges waiting ahead. Various elements in the forest will be changed. The open terrain is complex, with the appearance of more obstacles. New scene activities take place, making it difficult for you to pass. At the same time, the distance needed to travel will be longer than before. Specifically from the starting point to the light circle of the tree’s roots at the end of the path. The distance will be longer than the previous levels. Make you spend a lot of time to be able to move forward. Because during the adventure, you can also lose your life, because you can’t escape the device screen movement.Ear BADLAND

Many obstacles

In the vast forest of BADLAND. Creatures will face a lot of different dangers. Besides the complexity of the terrain, it is difficult to move. There are many obstacles in the way. They can be immobile in one position. Or randomly move when the creature moves in. This will create difficult challenges where your creatures can lose their lives. For example, a large circular block of stone will roll down into the void. This is the only place where you can lead the creature through and forward. If blocked, you will not be able to continue the journey. When the screen movement passes, the creature loses its life.

Rescue teammates note the size

The process of adventure with creatures in the primeval forest at BADLAND. Along the way, the scene also has the opportunity to meet many other creatures. They will be rescued by you to accompany them. Will follow your lead with the desire to escape from the forest. But on the way, there will be many challenges. Sometimes you have to accept a few creatures that are left behind. In addition, there are items that increase and decrease the size of the creature. Accordingly, it should be noted that their ability will correspond to body size. When increased, it is difficult to fly, causing the speed to slow down. It is very easy to be left behind by only being able to roll over complex terrain. Or the small size will increase flexibility and speed. Can fly fast, but very easy to lose control.Download BADLAND

In addition to the story mode of BADLAND. The game also opens to multiplayer and cooperative modes. The common point between these two modes is that there are up to 4 people participating on the same device. Accordingly, the multiplayer mode offers more than 30 levels to explore. The level will increase even more after the next updates. Besides, the cooperative mode allows you to play with your friends. Show intelligence to support each other, and overcome challenges.