Base Attack 1.22.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Base Attack 1.22.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Base Attack 1.22.1 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Perform attack missions in the game Base Attack. According to the shooting gameplay combined action is taken place. You will use different guns to attack the enemies. As well as against the forces in many other strongholds. Aim to shoot down and destroy them all to win. Then complete the assigned task. This is a game in the action category, provided by the developer Lion Studios. With a series of unique features that promise to bring exciting action battles. From the intuitive control mechanism, designed to be simple. Until the unique graphics system with different simulated image quality. Along with that is a diverse weapon system, which can be upgraded to increase efficiency when used.

Base Attack MOD APK – Shooting Shots Destroying Forces At Various Points

Based on a simply designed control mechanism, optimizing features for easy use. You just aim, touch, shoot, and watch the destruction. Accordingly, wars will be opened at construction sites. Shown through the building with the appearance of various targets. Your mission is to use the equipped weapon to attack. But according to the mechanism, the movement is taking place during the performance of the task. You will move around the building or structures while keeping a certain distance. This will provide total visibility to easily identify and attack targets. But there are also limitations on the angle of the shot that will require your skill and maneuverability.Tai Base Attack MOD

Quests by level

The mission system is held according to each level of play. At each level opens a battle site, shown through construction. There will be the appearance of different targets. Their location is determined by their red body temperature. Besides, each mission will give a specific number and targets to shoot down. You will have to use the weapon system equipped to attack. Do not stop firing and shoot accurately to cause damage. Causes the specified units to be completely destroyed. From there will complete the assigned task in one level. After that, you will receive a valuable reward corresponding to the achievement achieved.Download Base Attack MOD

Many changes when coming to new missions

Join the next level of the Base Attack game. The difficulty of the mission will increase with many new challenges to overcome. From the number of targets to shoot down will increase to larger than before. Until the change of combat environment. Shown through buildings built to create a line of defense. Create hiding opportunities for enemy forces, making it difficult for you to destroy them all. Along with that is fierce resistance from the enemy, they will attack to cause damage and put you in danger. Accordingly, it will be necessary to quickly shoot down and ensure that the amount of blood is not exhausted. Because when that happens, it will mean losing your life and causing the mission to fail.Game Base Attack MOD

Against many enemies

Through the levels will have to fight many different enemies. It can be said that the units of soldiers are equipped with weapons. Or vehicles like Jeeps, tanks, helicopters, and more. They appear in many locations, depending on the level of action. Accordingly, the enemy forces not only hide in the works but also attack and fight back. The difference between the units is represented by the shape. At the same time, their stamina is assessed by the amount of health and defense.

Use a variety of guns

There are many different types of weapons for you to use to attack in battles. Those are guns that are uniquely designed and have their own style. Examples include rifles, bazookas, revolvers, laser guns, and more. The difference between the guns is shown in the firepower, and at the same time, the destructive power and destruction are not the same. For example, a rifle can fire a lot of bullets in a short time, but the destructive power is not great. Or the bazooka can create a large amount of damage after each fire, but the attack speed is slow.Base Attack MOD

Complete each mission in the game Base Attack in turn. You will be selected to receive different power-ups. Accordingly, each time you increase to a new level at a certain stage, the system will give you 3 power-ups. You can only choose one power to improve your ability. These include increased attack speed, increased maximum health, and increased defense. Or increase the destructive power of the warhead and increase the amount of money received.

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Name ID Base Attack
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 213MB
New version 1.22.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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