Block Gun: FPS PvP War 9.8 APK MOD [Stupid Enemy, Huge Amount Of Money]
Block Gun: FPS PvP War 9.8 APK MOD [Stupid Enemy, Huge Amount Of Money]

Block Gun: FPS PvP War 9.8 APK MOD [Stupid Enemy, Huge Amount Of Money]

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From the first-person perspective used in Block Gun: FPS PvP War. Unleash Lego-style shooting wars. With the participation of gunmen from many places. They are online players who will become opponents on the battlefield. Join the game to transform into a gunman. Get ready for exciting matches in many different modes. Enjoy the content unfolding in each mode with many interesting shooting themes. At the same time have the opportunity to use guns to attack enemies in many unique styles. Follow the real-time FPS action gameplay. With a combination of sandbox graphics and optimized high-quality images. Along with the addition of many new features will increase the experience.

Block Gun: FPS PvP War MOD APK – First-Person Competitive Shooting War

Build main content based on an online shooting theme. Block Gun: FPS PvP War takes place in fierce battles. With the presence of gunmen in the arena in 5vs5 gameplay. Divided into 2 teams with the task of fighting terrorist forces. Real-time replayed in competition. You will have to coordinate with your teammates to attack the enemy. Kill them to increase the team’s kill points on the leaderboard. After the end of the match, based on the kill score achieved between the two teams. The side with the better record will win. At the same time, team members will receive great bonuses.Block Gun- FPS PvP War

Online modes

Do you want to know what modes you will enjoy when participating in Block Gun: FPS PvP War ? A lot of online game modes are open. Includes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, ranking, and match customization. Each mode builds its own interesting themed gameplay. The opponents are all online players, through the role-playing of a gunman to compete. For example, in Deathmatch mode will have no choice but to fight. By can only kill the enemy to survive or be destroyed. Or ranked mode where the fierce competition takes place. Gather the best shooters to compete against each other. Aim to find the winner to increase the ranking on the leaderboard.Game Block Gun- FPS PvP War

Campaign mode

In addition to the online game modes in Block Gun: FPS PvP War. A single-player campaign mode is also available. Perform tasks according to each challenge given in each match. Fight terrorist forces controlled by AI. Or fight bloodthirsty zombies. They are equipped with various types of weapons to attack fiercely. After completing the task, you will receive a reward. Can continue the campaign to participate in new matches. The difficulty will increase with many variable factors. The number of enemies to destroy is more than before. Their combat ability is also superior. Putting you in danger, even losing your life. That will make the task impossible to complete.Tai Block Gun- FPS PvP War

More than 21 different guns

From the diverse weapon system provided by Block Gun: FPS PvP War. You can change the fighting style according to your own play style. With more than 21 guns will correspond to many ways of attack. Depends on the ability of each type used. There are some weapons such as Glock 18, M4A1, SG-550 commando, and AK47,… Many other guns will be discovered. But to be able to unlock will have to use the accumulated bonus. Depending on the type, it will need a corresponding amount of money to buy.

Upgrade guns and armor

To increase attack power in matches in Block Gun: FPS PvP War. It is possible through upgrading the gun, increasing the damage generated. Because each upgrade will improve the index of the gun. Includes damage, magazine reload speed, and range. Everything will increase to make it easier for you to fight. Besides, it is possible to improve the defense. To increase the survival rate against fierce attacks from enemies. By using money to upgrade armor.Download Block Gun- FPS PvP War

Battlefield of Block Gun: FPS PvP War opens in 8 different locations. Each location simulates its surroundings in its own way. Shown through moving terrain, along with construction works. For example the arena in town with old houses. Experiencing each match, you will discover each location in turn. At the same time in the competitive war between gunmen. You can use the terrain to your advantage or choose safe locations to hide. Aim to escape the fierce attacks from dangerous enemy forces.

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Name ID Block Gun: FPS PvP War - Online Gun Shooting Games
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hazmob LTD
Size 73MB
New version 9.8
MOD Info Stupid Enemy, Unlimited Money
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )