Bubble Witch 3 Saga 8.2.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Lives]
Bubble Witch 3 Saga 8.2.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Lives]

Bubble Witch 3 Saga 8.2.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Lives]

By The Toan - (Period 1 month ago)

Bubble Witch 3 Saga is an intellectual and puzzle genre game on mobile phones. It gives players a fun experience with bubble shooting and solving complex puzzles. The game is developed by King, the manufacturer known for the Candy Crush series of games. Bubble Witch 3 Saga continues to assert their position in puzzle games. In Bubble Witch 3 Saga, players will enter the world of the sorceress Stella. You are the main character in the journey to rescue the animals kidnapped by the evil gray team. Players will participate in colorful game screens. You must shoot bubbles to create the exact color chains, solve diverse puzzles, and overcome creative challenges. Bubble Witch 3 Saga features beautiful graphics and attractive effects. This creates a fascinating magical world. Stella’s housing customization and the ability to cast spells add to the game’s depth.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga –  Bubble match challenge

You will enter a world where bubbles have unique colors and abilities. Your task is to combine them intelligently to complete the objectives at each level. Bubble Witch 3 Saga has a simple but challenging gameplay. You’ll need to master aiming and shooting to match bubbles of the same color. When you match at least three bubbles of the same color, they will disappear. Then, you will get a specific score. In addition, the bubbles also have special effects. For example, create explosive bombs or make surrounding bubbles disappear. The real challenge comes when you have to show your tactical and reasoning abilities to complete the complex objectives at each level, from rescuing kidnapped gods to clearing bubbles in a limited time. Each challenge brings something new and requires you to think quickly to make intelligent decisions.


Rebuild the house

You will accompany the witch Stella on the journey to find the broken magical house. You will embark on rebuilding it step by step. Each stage of the house rebuild requires you to complete the levels. Through it, you will collect the necessary materials to recreate the part of the house. These materials can be collected through completing quests and unlocking mystery boxes and or achieved during special events. As you progress in rebuilding the house, you will witness day-by-day changes and improvements to the magical house, from recreating the room to expanding the space and adding new decorative details. Each rebuild will bring a part of the recovery and growth of the house in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

Join the puzzle adventure

Each puzzle adventure offers a particular quest, from finding items hidden in bubbles to matching pictures or solving complex patterns. The variety of puzzle missions creates a novelty in the playing experience. It also requires you to think logically and find a way to overcome each challenge. Puzzle adventure is more than just solving puzzles. It is also an opportunity to earn special rewards. From magical jewels to items that help you in bubble battles. You’ll use these rewards to advance further in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

Compete in the global leaderboard

You will compete live against players from all over the world. The goal is to reach the top and win the title of leader. You will try to complete the levels as fast as possible in the competition. At the same time, collect the highest score possible. You will be compared with other players around the globe through leaderboards. You can track your position and that of other players—that way, you know your progress. Competition helps you showcase your skills and creates the stimulus to try. By competing against other players, you can learn from different strategies. Along with that is to improve your skills and go further in the game.

With easy play, Bubble Witch 3 Saga is suitable for both players. Includes beginners and experienced people in the puzzle game genre. The combination of entertainment and logical thinking brings excitement. Bubble Witch 3 Saga opened up a world of magic and unique challenges. The game features exquisite design and addictive gameplay. This game is sure to bring joy to players. Let’s join MODLMH to conquer the championship in Bubble Witch 3 Saga.

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Name ID Bubble Witch 3 Saga
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher King
Size 120MB
New version 8.2.2
MOD Info Unlimited Lives
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )