Collect Bits 1.0.9 APK For Android

Collect Bits 1.0.9 APK For Android

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Collect Bits 1.0.9 APK For Android

Collect Bits is an action-adventure game genre. Open a journey to collect bits. Through accompanying the character Charo and the cleaning robot that always follows, Lucis. With gameplay taking place in each level in each location. Your mission is to overcome the difficult terrain and face the dangers. Fight against enemies and attack blocks. To collect all the bits in each area. At the same time safely reach the destination at the end of the map. From there, you will complete tasks to prove your skills. The game is experienced in 2D graphics. With a combination of images and environments unfolding in each area. Create a beautiful and quirky world in a completely different style.

Collect Bits MOD APK – Accompany Charo to Collect Bits In Adventure

Get ready for Collect Bits ‘s around-the-world adventure. The game mechanism is according to 3 basic principles. Including running, jumping, and throwing. Each action is reproduced with a unique special icon. Create an intuitive control system to use. Accordingly, you just need to simply touch and manipulate each action during the adventure. From there will help the character Charo collect bits. But based on the ruggedness and complexity of the terrain, as well as the challenges. It is necessary to flexibly combine actions in a manner appropriate to the circumstances in which they occur. Only then can we move forward to increase the number of bits even more.Collect Bits

System of quests and achievements

The mission in the game Collect Bits opens in many areas of each location. Will be recreated in each adventure level. Here you will accompany the character and lead the cleaning robot Lucis. Overcome the challenges of the terrain, and attack the enemies in the way. Also, try not to miss any bits to collect large numbers. At the same time, it is to ensure the safety of Charo so that he can reach the finish line. From there will complete the task of a level. Can continue to the next area of ​​the new level.

Achievements in each adventure quest are represented by letter symbols. Based on the number of bits that you collect after finishing the journey. In ascending order of achievements from D, C, B, A, and S. Each achievement will correspond to a number of bits that you own.Game Collect Bits

Real-time gameplay and offensive action

In each adventure level in Collect Bits. The journey will take place in real-time, up to 300 seconds. Your goal is to help the character Charo overcome all terrains and collect bits. Successfully reach the destination safely before the countdown reaches 0. From there, the mission will be completed. In the process, it is possible to perform an attack using the cleaning robot Lucis. Pick up to adjust the angle and direction, as soon as you throw it, it will create a strong impact. Then defeat the enemy or destroy the rocks blocking the way.Tai Collect Bits

Life is expressed through the heart

The life of the character Charo is represented by the heart symbol. The adventure process taking place in Collect Bits will have a certain number of hearts. Each time the robot enemy hits or collides with a trap. That will cause you to lose a life, which means you will lose a heart. After so many times, the number of hearts will be exhausted. Then cause the mission to fail and have to start the journey again.

Explore many places

From the quest to collect bits in Collect Bits. There will be opportunities to adventure through many different lands. Each land is a place and is divided into many areas. Accordingly, each area corresponds to a level of play. Complete each level in turn, and when you reach a certain stage, you will be entered a new land. These include cool grasslands, machinery towns in rainy conditions, and snow-covered fields. As introduced in each location, there will be many areas for you to explore. For example in cool grasslands. You have the opportunity to adventure through the grasslands of the beginning, the ancient forest, the sunlight park, and the departure square.Download Collect Bits

Every time starting a new adventure quest in Collect Bits. The terrain will be changed more complex than before. Bringing tough challenges along the way. Along with the appearance of many enemy robots blocking the route will pass. Make the character Charo face dangers. But at the same time, the number of bits can be collected. At the same time, he adventured through many areas of the land. Gives you the opportunity to explore a beautiful and quirky world.

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Name ID Collect Bits
Updated On 08/07/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher LOCOBIT Inc.
Size 151MB
New version 1.0.9
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