Color Dunk 3D Mod APK 1.2.14 [Unlocked]

Color Dunk 3D Mod APK 1.2.14 [Unlocked]

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Color Dunk 3D Mod APK 1.2.14 [Unlocked]

Color Dunk 3D is a fun and challenging mobile game. Players will be shown the ability to throw the ball accurately and require concentration and prediction skills. This game has quickly become one of the popular entertainment options on mobile platforms. The combination of beautiful graphics and engaging gameplay achieves this. In Color Dunk 3D, players will be faced with the primary task of throwing colored balls into corresponding bins of the same color. Scores will be calculated based on the accuracy of the throw and consecutive score combos. The game is more than just a test of throwing ability. It also requires players to have the ability to predict and react quickly to capture scoring opportunities.

Color Dunk 3D MOD APK – Ball throwing challenge

You will stand in front of a pitching table with buckets of different colors. Your task is to throw the ball into the boxes corresponding to the ball’s color. To do this, you need to control the strength and angle of the throw. It is done by holding and dragging the screen on the mobile phone. The difficulty of the challenge lies in the fact that you have to calculate the correct strength and throwing angle so that the ball goes into the bucket you want. Too weak or too strong a force can cause the ball to bounce off and not reach the target. In addition, the variation in distance and height of the crates also increases the complexity of the challenge. This requires players to have precise control skills. Another notable point is that challenges in Color Dunk 3D often come with a time limit. This creates pressure on players. You must be agile and accurate to throw as many balls into the bucket in a short amount of time.

Rules and scoring

The game Color Dunk 3D aims to throw a colored ball into a bucket of the same color to score points. Balls will have a variety of colors, and each ball will have a fixed color. Many barrels of different colors appear on the screen, and they will appear in different positions. Players must choose the angle and force to throw the ball by holding and releasing the screen. The goal is to get the ball into a bucket of a similar color. The player will receive the corresponding point each time the ball is thrown into the correct color box. The game will end when the player cannot get the ball into the right color bucket or reach the score target. Each time the ball is thrown into the correct color box, the player will receive a fixed number of points. This number of points usually increases gradually according to the game’s difficulty level. If the player continuously successfully throws into many boxes of consecutive colors without making mistakes. You can accumulate combo points. Combo points will increase according to the number of successful successive throws. It can improve the total score achieved per shot. Players can be awarded additional points if they complete the goal within the specified period.

Level diversity

Easy: These are the first levels. Color Dunk 3D will introduce players to the essential elements. For example, how to throw the ball, recognize colors, and calculate points. Color bins will be placed in accessible locations and without many obstacles. The score target is usually low, with a relatively long time limit.

Medium: You will face more challenges as players progress through manageable levels. Crates can appear far apart or hidden behind other objects in more challenging locations. The time limit will begin to decrease. Players must find ways to manage score combos to achieve their score goals.

Difficulty: These are the most challenging levels in the game. Colored barrels will appear in difficult locations. They may move or occur over time. Players must use throwing skills and correctly calculate the throwing angle to put the ball into the bucket. The time limit will be shorter. This requires players to be agile and decisive.

Dozens of balls

In each level of Color Dunk 3D, players will see a long line of colorful balls placed in front of them. The number of balls in dozens can be pretty significant. From a few dozen to even hundreds of fruits. This is a challenging element for players. You will have to throw each ball into the correct colored bin correctly. This requires the player’s ability to manage time and throw the ball. Suppose a ball falls and is not thrown into the right-colored container. Players can lose scoring opportunities and point combos. The variety of arrangements and colors of the balls will change across levels. This means that players will have to adapt to different situations. At the same time, find out how to optimize your throwing to achieve the best score.

Color Dunk 3D is more than a fun experience requiring thinking and skills. With a harmonious combination of difficulty and addiction, this game has proven that it deserves to be one of the must-try mobile games in today’s digital age. Indeed, you won’t be able to stop once you start testing Color Dunk 3D. In this game, let’s show off your high-class football throwing skills with MODLMH.

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Name ID Color Dunk 3D
Updated On 21/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Hypemasters, Inc
Size 36MB
New version 1.2.14
MOD Info Unlock
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