Crash of Cars 1.8.02 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of coins gems, all cars unlocked, god mode]

Crash of Cars 1.8.02 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of coins gems, all cars unlocked, god mode]

By The Toan - (Period 2 weeks ago)
Name ID Crash of Cars
Updated On 09/04/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Not Doppler
Size 60MB
New version 1.8.02
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited coins gems, all cars unlocked, god mode
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Update 09/04/2024 (2 weeks ago )
Crash of Cars 1.8.02 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of coins gems, all cars unlocked, god mode]

Crash of Cars is io style of multiplayer online racing game. Also combined with fast-paced PvP racing mechanics. The content revolves around the action car races on the open map. Happening at different locations. Accordingly, you will have to drive to collect the crowns. Find real-time survival ways to survive as long as you can. Constantly achieving new achievements based on increasing points. From there, there is a chance to earn a lot of gold coins. This game has many features for you to enjoy. In which the online mode will bring you and other players to connect with each other. As a racer, the competition will be extremely fierce. Or you can play single-player and race action with your friends.
Download Crash of Cars MOD APK – Online Multiplayer Competitive Action Racing
Get ready for action races in Crash of Cars. Here, speed is not the main factor to decide victory or defeat. Instead, it is your driving skills to be able to survive. At the same time need to combine with the attack to fight other riders. Through the activity of collecting power-enhancing items. Attack to destroy online opponents. From there steal the crown to increase the achievement score. Aim to rise to the ranking of the best riders. Aim to survive on the real-time racing map for as long as possible. After the end of the action, the race will be rewarded based on the achievement points you have achieved.Crash of Cars
The gameplay takes place
The course of the Crash of Cars action-style competitive race. Can drive the car to move freely on the large map. Lots of rival vehicles, they are online racers. Need to attack to destroy, increase personal achievement score. Through the collection of power-enhancing items to use. They are found in random gift boxes. After driving move over correctly. From there will receive weapons to attack opponents.

Besides attack action to survive. On the racing map, there are also many crowns in the areas. Do not miss when encountered, because collecting will increase your achievement points. Each crown corresponds to one point.Tai Crash of Cars
Explore 8 race locations
There are 8 different racing locations for you to test your racing skills. Included in the city center, in the desert town, is the dome racecourse. In the green forest, the driving school, and many others. Each location is designed in its own style. Recreate the environment, the landscape is extremely vivid. The difference between race locations is also reflected in the terrain. With specially shaped obstacles. Moreover, they can also be broken after being hit by a race car.Download Crash of Cars
More than 16 power-ups
From random gift boxes collected in Crash of Cars. There is a chance to unlock to equip the racing car with various power-ups. According to the game’s information, there are more than 16 types of power. Includes rocket guns, flamethrowers, plasma guns, time bombs, cannons,… and many more. Each type of enhanced weapon will bring a unique attack style. Allows you to control a variety of attack vehicles. For example, flamethrowers will burn opponents when touched. The cannon will fire a large number of cannons from a distance. Much more will be discovered by you during the race.
Unlock more than 70 vehicles
Over 70 racing vehicles in Crash of Cars for you to unlock. They are divided into 4 different levels. In order from common, rare, epic, and legendary. To unlock a new vehicle, it is necessary to collect the corresponding car key. Accordingly, several types can be named. For example the classic, chuck, family van, GT, police car, school bus,… and many more. Each car is designed with its own unique shape. Shown through the front, body, and rear. Along with the original default paint color when unlocked. Over time, you can gradually unlock each vehicle in turn to enjoy a different driving experience.Crash of Cars
MOD Feature of Crash of Cars

MOD Menu
Huge Amount Of coins gems
all cars unlocked
god mode

More than 30 skins are provided by Crash of Cars. Allows you to customize racing cars after owning them. Accordingly, you can design paint colors based on your preferences. Decorate your vehicle with stickers of different styles. Through the bodywork to increase the prominence. Make a difference in the action race with other competitors. But need to be careful when customizing racing cars. Depending on the type of skins will require using money to buy. Only then can it be applied to the vehicle and changed.

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