CrashMetal 2.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Fuel, Unlocked]
CrashMetal 2.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Fuel, Unlocked]

CrashMetal 2.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Fuel, Unlocked]

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CrashMetal simulates futuristic car racing. Open up a fascinating competition in real-time. With online multiplayer racing mode and free offline mode. When participating, you will enjoy the feeling of driving from a third-person perspective. Or switch to a first-person view from the driver’s position. Each race will be recreated on the open map. Moreover, to increase the experience for everyone. You will enjoy exciting features, powered by CRAZY.DEVS. For example, HD graphics of the new generation, combined with sharp image quality. Dangerous techniques will be repeated while driving. Simultaneously simulate the engine, and suspension of each racing car in a unique way. Especially use the game’s own currency to use in trading activities.

CrashMetal MOD APK – Cyberpunk Style Competitive Sports Racing

The game CrashMetal is designed in the style of cyberpunk 2077. Opens car races in an open game. Takes place on many different maps of the vast city. With fierce competition between racers on the road, thereby finding the ultimate winner. When participating, you can experience two game modes. Includes online multiplayer and career mode. Accordingly, each mode will be simulated according to its own rules. With different racing activities taking place on the road. As well as the way each mode’s results are classified is very unique. No matter what mode you enter make the race. Achievements will be judged by your driving skills. At the same time, the reward received after finishing a race is a money.CrashMetal

Career mode by day

Follow the career mode of the game CrashMetal. Open races every day. Every day there will be a racing mission with other opponents. Those are racers controlled by AI. Each race will take place in real-time. At the same time divided into a different number of laps. Play as a racer to get ready to enter the fray. The goal is to complete enough laps, to reach the finish line in the top position. From there win the leaderboard to complete the mission. After receiving the reward corresponding to the achievement. Can continue to start a new day’s race. The challenge will get harder as the conditions change. Not only the map opens in the new environment. But the racing ability of the opponents will be improved, superior to before. Make it difficult for you to achieve the best.Game CrashMetal

Online racing mode

From CrashMetal ‘s online mode. Can test racing skills during the competition. Prove yourself as a pro racer by winning. With the lead in front of other players. As each race opens, there will be opportunities to meet new opponents. They were players from all over the world. Each has its own driving techniques and racing experience. This provides a challenging competitive race. Make you enjoy the thrill, as well as learn a lot of experience. Even more special, win many online races. There is also the opportunity to rise to the ranking of the best riders. With a series of achievements, we will prove it to everyone.CrashMetal

Unlock car, parameters

The cars in CrashMetal are beautifully designed. With the impression expressed through the design and appearance. For example paint colors, bodywork, tires, wheels, and assemblies. This gives each type its own unique style. Moreover, each racing car possesses its own operating ability. Shown through the engine, suspension, and brakes. From there, it will be evaluated in detail through parameters such as maximum speed, braking ability, stability, and control. From unlocking, you can also check details of weight and strength. However, the amount to unlock cars in the game is not the same. Because each car has its own parameters and characteristics. So if you want to unlock, you need to meet the required conditions.Download CrashMetal

CrashMetal ‘s sports car racing process. The map is one of the huge hindrances. Although the navigation feature is supported. But still, make you confused by the design of the environment and road surface. Along with many directions, turn to other roads. But there is only one move to the finish line. Going wrong will create opportunities for the opponent to pass, as well as reduce the odds of winning with the leading position. Will even finish in the end if not quickly overtake the opponent after returning to the track.

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Name ID CrashMetal
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher CRAZY.DEVS
Size 65MB
New version 2.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Fuel, Unlocked
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )