Day R Premium 1.806 APK MOD [Many Hats, Free Crafting]
Day R Premium 1.806 APK MOD [Many Hats, Free Crafting]

Day R Premium 1.806 APK MOD [Many Hats, Free Crafting]

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Day R Premium is a survival simulation game in a post-apocalyptic world. In this game, players will enter a world after a nuclear pandemic. It would be best to fight to survive in an environment of danger, stress, and challenges. Day R Premium focuses on recreating realistic elements of post-apocalyptic life, including gathering resources, crafting items, preparing food, and fighting dangerous enemies. Players need to build their characters. Improve your skills and find a way to find the truth about the world’s end. The game has detailed and attractive graphics, a dramatic storyline, and diverse gameplay styles. Day R Premium offers an enthralling gaming experience for lovers of the genre. This game is truly an adventure not to be missed.

Day R Premium MOD APK – Survive after the apocalypse

In Day R Premium, you will embark on a dramatic and challenging journey in a devastated world. Your goal is to survive and find a way to overcome dangers everywhere. The apocalypse has turned people into people with a disability, freaks, and mindless enemies. They pursue you tirelessly. It would be best to satisfy basic needs such as hunger, thirst, and illness during your journey. You must find food, water, and medicine in a world of danger and scarcity. Crafting and gathering resources becomes an essential part of maintaining life. Day R Premium is also unique with its extensive map system. It allows you to navigate different lands, from ruined countryside to abandoned cities. During your journey, you will meet diverse characters. Each person brings their own story and mission. In addition to surviving, you must face the risk of radiation sickness and post-apocalyptic monsters. To protect yourself, you need to collect weapons and equipment.

Fight to destroy monsters

Monsters in Day R Premium have a variety of shapes and powers. Some beasts attack you from afar with bullets or energy beams. At the same time, others move closer to attack with blood vessels and physical damage. Each type of monster has a different attack method and disease resistance level. It requires you to master strategies to deal with it. You will use weapons and equipment that you have collected throughout your journey. The variety of weapons, from rifles to swords, allows you to choose the right strategy. Additionally, you can use bullets and other attack tools to defeat monsters. Day R Premium requires concentration and tactical skills. You must manage your resources skillfully to never run out in fierce battles. Monsters often appear in large numbers and can cause serious injury. Therefore, tactics include choosing objects to attack and keeping a safe distance.


The realistic world of Day R Premium reflects environmental diversification from abandoned cities with dilapidated buildings and empty streets to wild countryside and forests. Each area has its characteristics. It requires players to adapt to climatic conditions and terrain. The realistic world of Day R Premium is never short of danger. You will have to face mutated monsters, radiation, lack of resources, and competition with other survivors. Players must continually focus and plan innovative strategies. The Day R Premium is designed with attention to detail and practicality.

Improve skills

First, you must determine a skill development plan for your character. There are many directions, from focusing on combat skills to better dealing with monsters and enemies to enhancing survivability through improving health, disease resistance, and crafting abilities. Throughout your journey, you will encounter many missions and challenges. Completing them is the best way to earn experience points and resources to improve skills. Each task usually has a valuable reward and the opportunity to learn new skills. Many possibilities can be enhanced. Includes strength, health, speed, and stamina. Improving these basic abilities helps the character become stronger and more resistant to challenges. Each character in Day R Premium has its unique skills. You can enhance and unlock these skills to use them in difficult matches and situations. Improving special skills can change the way you approach challenges.

Whether you’re a fan of the simulation genre or simply looking for a deep and memorable game, Day R Premium will surely captivate you. This game deserves to become an indispensable part of your game collection. Be prepared for a dramatic journey. Join MODLMH in this world full of discovery today!

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Name ID Day R Premium
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher tltGames
Size 150MB
New version 1.806
MOD Info Many Hats, Free Crafting
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )