Deer Simulator – Animal Family 1.182 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Deer Simulator – Animal Family 1.182 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Deer Simulator – Animal Family 1.182 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Deer Simulator – Animal Family simulates the wildlife of deer. Accordingly, you will accompany a deer on a survival adventure. Perform different tasks to be able to survive in the vast forest. Face potential dangers from predators. At the same time, there is also the opportunity to discover many other mysteries. This is a simulation game developed by CyberGoldfinch. With lots of interesting features for you to enjoy. Gives an authentic experience of deer life in the forest. To increase the attractiveness for players when participating. Graphics are built on a sharp 3D platform. With bright picture quality and realistic environment reproduction. Combine vivid sound effects.

Description about Deer Simulator – Animal Family MOD APK – Deer Survival Adventure in Natural Forest

Based on the survival adventure gameplay in the wild natural forest. You will immerse yourself in the life of a deer. Perform different missions to be able to survive. Search for food and gather resources to stay alive. As well as fighting with dangerous wild animals to survive. Also, perform specific tasks assigned to earn money. From there, use it in trading activities to develop yourself. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to find the other half of life. Create a family and survive together in the wild. There are many other activities that will be discovered when participating. Along with that are the challenges that need to be faced, only when overcome can we make progress than before.Download Deer Simulator – Animal Family MOD

Perform specific tasks

Through encounters with NPC beasts in the forest. Deer will be given the task and start performing. Accordingly, you will have to do a lot of different jobs, which are also challenges. They can also bring potential dangers, even at the cost of life. For example, collect the specified plant and kill 2 hunters. Successfully killed 2 rabbits, defeated 3 wolves, and much more. After each time you make enough progress, you will return to the position of the NPC beast. From there, report the completion of the task to receive the corresponding reward. Can continue to perform new quests with increased difficulty.Game Deer Simulator – Animal Family MOD

Directional arrows

The process of performing tasks in the forest of the game Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family. There will be an indication shown by the arrow shown. Through that control, the deer move to the designated point. From there, proceed with the required work until the schedule is completed. For example, take a quest from an NPC deer in the green grass in the forest. The condition for killing 2 hunters is hiding. Accordingly, you will follow the arrow to cross the lake, and proceed to another area in the forest. Search for the target and actively attack, killing each hunter in turn until the task is completed. At that time, return to the original position to meet the NPC deer again.Tai Deer Simulator – Animal Family MOD

Many wild animals in the forest

Throughout the adventure, deer will face many different dangers. From ferocious carnivores of great size in the forest. Until the lack of food causes health to decline. For example lions, wolves, leopards, black bears, venomous snakes, and many more. Accordingly, if they actively attack their prey, they will fight back to cause damage. Or you will even fall prey to some species and not be able to resist. At this point, there will be no choice but to run away. Because if you try to attack, you will be in danger and even lose your life.Deer Simulator – Animal Family MOD

Create a family

Not only adventure in the natural forest alone. Here deer can search for the other half of life. From then on, together they survived on a journey in the wild. At the same time, when reaching a certain level, you can also give birth. Create a deer family to explore life in the forest together. The process can also track the stats of each member. Includes available skill points, current level, and experience points to increase to the next level. In addition, you can also customize the look of family members. Through the choices of color, appearance, eyes, belly, and tail.

Deer in the game Deer Simulator MOD APK – Animal Family use horns on their heads to attack. Thereby dealing damage to the target and causing the health to decrease until depleted. In order to increase combat ability, it is necessary to increase strength, through leveling up. Besides, it is also possible to improve the deer’s other skills. For example, increase the ability to collect to get more money for activities.

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Name ID Deer Simulator – Animal Family
Updated On 02/04/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher CyberGoldfinch
Size 57MB
New version 1.182
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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