Demolish 2.52 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Shell, No QC]
Demolish 2.52 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Shell, No QC]

Demolish 2.52 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Shell, No QC]

By The Toan - 01/01/2024 (4 months ago) - 99MB
Name Demolish
Updated On 01/01/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 99MB
Version 2.52
MOD Features Unlimited Shell, No QC
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Update 01/01/2024 (4 months ago )

Demolish is an entertaining game built in demolition style. Accordingly, you will control the bombardment machine to perform the task of destroying the building. Complete progress in each level to collect gold stars. This game belongs to the casual entertainment game genre of the publisher VOODOO. When participating can play in an offline mode completely free. With a simple mechanism, it brings challenges that are not easy at all. In particular, there will have to be a calculation to choose the right firing point, in order to destroy the building with great damage. Even more interesting when the developer also combined vivid graphics. Simulate many constructions in different environments. Bringing you a pleasant experience when participating.

Download Demolish MOD APK – Shooting Machines to Destroy Constructions

Based on the construction destruction gameplay is played out. There will be many buildings built in different styles. They are all high-rise buildings that need to be demolished with solid design. According to each level of play to proceed with the work. As a demolition worker, you will have to destroy them to shreds. The difference between the works is not only reflected in the design in terms of shape and size. It is also simulated through paint colors with elevation. Along with that is the location where they were built in many different areas. Specifically in the vacant land in the city. Through the levels will have the opportunity to discover many works with unique designs.Demolish MOD

Missions by Level

Perform tasks according to the content of the game. Unlock different levels of demolition to test your abilities. Each level opens a high-rise housing construction in an empty lot. You will control the bombardment to stop at a safe distance. Then shoot each orb at the structure in turn to deal damage. The goal is to destroy rubble to complete the quest on one level. From there will be received gold stars with the corresponding amount. At the same time can continue to come to new levels with challenges waiting ahead.

The process of bombarding the building can monitor the progress of work through the displayed level bar. After each shot of the orb at the structure, based on the damage dealt, the progress bar will be increased. Accordingly, when the progress bar reaches the maximum, the task is completed.Game Demolish MOD

Difficulty increases when reaching new levels

After completing a level in the game Demolish. Continue to new levels with increased difficulty. Accordingly, many things will change to cause difficulties. Expressed through the work to be demolished will be designed differently. Along with that, their certainty and solidity will make you have to make many shots to destroy. But besides that, it also needs to be combined with observation to shoot accurately. Aim to shoot at the weak point of the building to cause the greatest damage. Only then can it be destroyed to complete the mission?

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars and rewards

Achievements in each level after completion are evaluated by the number of stars. Accordingly, you can achieve up to 3 stars after completing a level. But to achieve that need to complete it according to the given requirements. It is to destroy the construction with the fewest shots possible. If the number of shots exceeds the allowed limit, the number of stars will gradually decrease until only 1 star is reached. Besides, complete each level in turn until you reach a certain level. Then you will be rewarded with special firepower cards. Based on the level achieved will receive the corresponding amount.Tai Demolish MOD

Control the bombardment to deal damage to buildings in the game Demolish. You can shoot large stones to deal damage. Especially their number is not limited, can shoot many times. However, it causes great damage to completing the task quickly. You can use special firepower to create more destructive power. Includes laser beam and exploding ball. Each type will be used in its own way, but quantities will be limited. For example, a laser will shoot a beam of light directly at a building to cause damage. Or the ball that explodes after hitting the structure will create an explosion, which in turn will cause greater destruction.