Download Hunt & Seek 1.1.4 APK
Download Hunt & Seek 1.1.4 APK

Download Hunt & Seek 1.1.4 APK

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Hide and seek is a game associated with everyone’s childhood. Now you can play it anytime, anywhere. The birth of the game Hunt & Seek has brought this opportunity. This is an engaging and challenging hide and seek game. Where players will be challenged as the hunter or the sought after. The game brings great experiences in exploring the vast and diverse world. Hunt & Seek promises to bring players exciting and dramatic moments of entertainment. Where you can show off your talent in seeking and evading. Bright graphics and lively music along with diverse gameplay will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Join MODLMH in this exciting adventure and challenge yourself with Hunt & Seek!

Hunt & Seek MOD APK – Hide and seek challenge

The hide and seek challenge of the game Hunt & Seek is a thrilling and tense challenge. Players are faced with the role of the pursuer or the hunted. The game offers dramatic adventure in a vast and diverse world. If you play as a tracker, your mission is to find other players. These guys are trying to hide and seek and survive in the wild. You must use tracking and thinking skills to find their location. Need to be careful and smart. Every wrong move can cause the escapee to escape from you. If you play the role of a hunted person, you will have to find a way to escape and survive in a dangerous wild environment. Use hiding and evasion skills. You need to find safe places to hide and avoid capture. You can also use tricks and tricks to deceive the seeker and turn the situation around.

Run and hide

Running and hiding are two important skills in this exciting adventure. Players will take on the role of being chased in a dangerous and harsh environment. Their mission is to escape from their pursuers and find a way to survive. Right from entering the game, players will face pressure and stress. The feeling of being chased is always lurking around. You must run and jump, avoiding obstacles. At the same time, find a way out and hide wisely in hiding places. However, running is not simple. The chaser is willing to continue chasing at any time. Players must use all their skills to continue to stay alive. Additionally, using items in hand to trick opponents and make things difficult for them is an effective tactic during escape.

Change yourself

Change is a particularly attractive and unique feature in the game. Allows players to customize their characters to create their own style. You can choose your character’s outfit, equipment, and appearance. Thereby helping the character shine in the race of hide and seek or revenge as a seeker. The game offers hundreds of different options. You can choose from statement outfits and unique accessories to express your personality. From dark investigator outfits and sharp protective gear to trackers. Up to bold and dynamic outfits for the person being sought. You can turn your character into a giant, superhero or anything you want. Customizing your character will help you easily identify and create uniqueness in the game. It is also a way to express your own personality and style in the world of Hunt & Seek. Get ready to transform yourself and embark on this amazing adventure with Hunt & Seek!

Explore scenarios and unlock new skills

Exploring new settings is an important and exciting part of the adventure. Players will be taken into diverse and interesting locations. Each setting carries its own story and undiscovered mysteries. Players will have to look for hints to help them find the seeker’s location. At the same time, unlocking new skills is important. This helps players improve their ability to survive and take revenge in the race of hide and seek. When completing missions and achieving goals, players will receive experience points and bonuses. From there, unlock new skills and upgrade your character. These skills include the ability to hide, jump over obstacles, and remove the status of being searched. Or even create dangerous reactions to trick opponents.

Hunt & Seek brings players moments of suspense, excitement and excitement when participating in this challenging adventure. With a simple but equally profound gameplay. The game will put players into special emotional states. Along with that are memorable experiences of thrill and excitement. Get ready for the rigors and challenges of Hunt & Seek’s hide and seek race!

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Name ID Hunt & Seek
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Kwalee Ltd
Size 120MB
New version 1.1.4
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )