Dino Battle MOD APK 13.74 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping)
Dino Battle MOD APK 13.74 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping)

Hack Dino Battle MOD APK 13.74 (Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping)

By HN - 17/05/2023
Name Dino Battle
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Tap Pocket
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems, free shopping
Size 132MB
Version 13.74
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 17/05/2023 (2 weeks ago )

Get ready for an adventure in the dinosaur world of Dino Battle. The game recreates the Jurassic world that once existed in Earth’s history. Revolving around dinosaurs, which are considered giant reptiles. Your mission is to recruit and train them to participate in battles. Compete with other dinosaurs in epic battles. Simultaneously evolve to increase strength, and improve superior ability. When participating, there will be a series of interesting features to be discovered. Simulate a lot of different dinosaurs. It is possible to crossbreed and train according to its own unique development. Get a chance to learn about the vast Jurassic world. Beautiful 3D graphics, combined with animations, everything will make you feel much more real.

Download Dino Battle – Build a Habitat To Nurture Dinosaurs

Come to Dino Battle to explore the Jurassic world. Through the task of building different habitats. On a large land, you need to train dinosaurs. To do that, it is first necessary to have an environment suitable for each species. By using resources to unlock and proceed to build a suitable living environment. For example fire environment, water, earth, wind, green forest, and many more. This is the element to be able to nurture dinosaurs. Because each species will have its own attributes. They will live in the right environmental conditions, then they will develop in the best way. For example, dinosaurs belonging to the fire element will grow rapidly when living in a volcanic environment. Likewise, other dinosaurs will be raised in the right environment.Dino Battle

Diverse dinosaur system

Build themed content about prehistoric dinosaurs. Dino Battle game offers a lot of different species. Help all players when participating can freely explore. They are divided into each element such as fire, water, wind, earth, and a few others. There are some species such as Acrocanthosaurus, Albertosaurus, Allosaurus, and Ampelosaurus. There are many other dinosaurs that can be nurtured and trained. Through bringing each species to live in the right environment. At the same time, each species is uniquely shaped and very realistic. Because the system has been designed based on the documents of each dinosaur species in the Jurassic period. The difference between them is also reflected in their fighting power. Details can be found through stats such as damage, defense, health, and elemental.Download Dino Battle

Turn-based battle

Train dinosaurs to lead them to participate in the battles of Dino Battle. Can gather in a group of up to 3 species. Then fight other dinosaurs in 1vs1 style. Relies on turn-based gameplay used to recreate matches. Each battle will last until the entire number of dinosaurs on either side is completely defeated. To win against the enemy dinosaur team. Need to destroy them with your dinosaur force power. Then will get bonuses, food, and experience points. Continue to participate in the match in the next challenges. Will have to face species with superior strength. As well as having the opportunity to learn about many other dinosaur species. Test their strength after being trained.Game Dino Battle

During the course of the match, unlocking the chest

In the Dino Battle ‘s turn-based battle of dinosaurs. Every time it’s your team’s turn to attack. Can choose to use appropriate attack skills. From there, create power to deal damage to enemy forces. Make them lose blood after exhausted will be destroyed. Soon, another dinosaur will appear on the enemy team. Continue the battle like this until the end. Whichever team is completely defeated, there are no dinosaurs left to continue the fight. The remaining team will win and receive the reward. There is also a chance to unlock treasure chests. Through collecting all 3 golden keys. From there will randomly open gold coins, gems, and many other valuable items. Can be used to increase the strength of dinosaurs.Tai Dino Battle

MOD Feature of Dino Battle

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money gems
  • free shopping

Money and food are elements to enhance the ability of dinosaurs in Dino Battle. Through the upgrade to increase the fighting power of each species. Help them become more superior later to continue participating in new battles. However, it is necessary to note the amount of money and food after each upgrade. It will take more survival to be able to continue growing dinosaurs to the next level. Over time, when the maximum level is raised. Will help you build a strong team of dinosaurs.

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