Drive for Speed: Simulator 1.30.01 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Drive for Speed: Simulator 1.30.01 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Drive for Speed: Simulator 1.30.01 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Driving games are so familiar to everyone. But each game will bring a different theme. In order to increase the experience after joining. Here, come to Drive for Speed: Simulator to drive realistic cars. Prove your skills by overcoming challenges. The goal is to fulfill the conditions given in each mission. At the same time earn a lot of money to have the opportunity to unlock more new cars. Accordingly, the game is set in a large city. With many different routes, the same traffic of vehicles. Need to dodge and move as indicated. To complete the race with excellent results. Through that, you can also enjoy the real feeling of driving.

Drive for Speed: Simulator MOD APK – Driving Simulator In The Big City

Master your driving skills in Drive for Speed: Simulator. Perform racing missions or drive freely on the tracks. Follow the rules given in each participating race. As well as being able to drive freely to explore places in the city. But need to ensure implementation to fulfill the condition. From there win convincingly and get rewarded and based on the achievement achieved, expressed through the completed task of the race. You will receive the corresponding bonus to accumulate by playing time and from races onwards. The amount received will increase more and more.Drive for Speed- Simulator

Exciting game modes

Many different game modes open in the game Drive for Speed: Simulator. Each method has its own mission. It also offers rules and gameplay around the fascinating racing theme. When participating you will have to perform tasks according to each race. Learn about the game modes:

  • The free driving mode in a sandbox city: There are no rules or conditions. You also don’t have to do any quests. Instead will be free to drive on the streets.
  • Race mode: Open-speed races to compete with other opponents. Join them to sort out the winners and losers on the road to find the racers to the finish line with the top position.
  • Check mode: Test your driving skills, as well as the performance of racing cars. You can perform risky drift techniques.
  • Truck e: Become a truck driver and carry out cargo transport missions. Deliver the goods to the requested destination.

Game Drive for Speed- Simulator

There are 4 different missions

Go to the Check and Arrive mode of the game Drive for Speed: Simulator. There are 4 different tasks that need to be done. Through the races, each mission will be divided into many challenges. Starting the first mission, you need to complete a limited real-time race. The content in the second mission also revolves around real-time driving. But it is necessary to control the car according to the instructions and go through the green light to perform the task. In the third mission, you will freely drive in the city and find your way to the finish line to complete the job. Finally is the fourth mission, challenging the driver to complete the fastest number of laps.

Each challenge of a mission upon completion. The difficulty will increase with many variable factors. This will challenge your skills to keep performing. Example of the first task in real-time. The next challenge will shorten the travel time and distance further. Requires driving skills to accelerate fast and ensure safety.Tai Drive for Speed- Simulator

More than 20 racing vehicles

More than 20 different cars are provided by Drive for Speed: Simulator. The highlight of the vehicle system in the game is inspired by reality. It is also divided into several segments. Includes mini cars, sedans, civic, pickups, trucks, classic buses, and American tractors. There are many other means that will be learned in detail when participating. Each vehicle possesses different operating parameters. Expressed through 3 factors, including speed, acceleration, and Grip. However, to unlock new cars will need to use the money to buy. Based on each vehicle and by segment, the corresponding amount is needed from there.Download Drive for Speed- Simulator

Do you want to be able to customize your own racing car in style? Drive for Speed: Simulator game offers 4 different options. Includes spoilers, tires, rims, and paint colors. Each selection is a part for you to adjust. That will be provided by the system for implementation. The engine can also be upgraded. To improve performance to be able to accelerate and reach top speed faster on the road.

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Name ID Drive for Speed: Simulator
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Play365
Size 136MB
New version 1.30.01
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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