PickCrafter 6.0.16 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
PickCrafter 6.0.16 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

PickCrafter 6.0.16 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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PickCrafter is an idle mining game. Open up a biome containing countless valuable resources. Accordingly, you will use the pickaxe to conduct mining. The goal is to collect a large number of resources. From there unlock new equipment and upgrade the miner. Moreover, there is a chance to discover treasure chests. Through the mining process also earn rare rubies. They are used for in-game trading. To increase the experience and bring a new theme. A series of features provided by the publisher is waiting for you to discover. There are different types of resources to look for. The gameplay is simple and easy to implement. Along with many types of hoes to use to exploit resources in the population.

PickCrafter MOD APK – Use Pickaxes to Extract Resources in Populations

According to the idle play mechanism of the game PickCrafter. You will use a bet to proceed to exploit all kinds of resources. They occur in a diverse population of organisms. To take action just simple touch. But will have to constantly touch so that the pickaxe does not stop mining. From there will have the opportunity to collect many resources. Over time can unlock more new populations. Hides resources of higher rarity.

Besides the simple control mechanism of the game. You can also experience it completely for free in offline mode. As soon as it downloads the device can start participating. However, the game also supports online features. Let’s compete with friends to get high on the leaderboard.PickCrafter

Various resources and rubies

The process of exploiting resources in the creature population of PickCrafter. There is a chance to find many different resources. They are represented by 3D shapes with different colors and textures. Includes blocks of wood, stone, earth, diamond, amethyst, gold, and silver. There are many more other types of valuable resources to be discovered by you. They are found when digging deeper into the biota. Each type of resource is used in many activities. Can be unlocked and upgraded to increase efficiency as you continue to dig deeper down the population.

In addition to the rare types of resources that will be mined over time. There is another valuable resource you need to collect, which is rubies. Rubies will not be mined in the population. Instead, you will have to unlock the chest to have a chance to get it. Or need to trade in the game store to redeem.Game PickCrafter

Crafted to use the new pickaxe

In PickCrafter there are different types of pickaxes for you to use to mine. Start the quest with a default wooden pickaxe. Over time can unlock and craft many new pickaxes. For example iron pickaxes or picks crafted from rare gems and much more. The difference between them is not only reflected in the shape. It is also designed with different colors of picks and handles. Not stopping there, after owning a pickaxe. You can also upgrade them to enhance your mining ability. Can be more effective during digging into the ground.Tai PickCrafter

Unlock and upgrade equipment

To be more efficient during mining at PickCrafter. Besides unlocking and upgrading the new pickaxe. It is also possible to upgrade equipment to improve mining ability. Through shirt, pants, hat, and shoes. Each type will need a different amount of resources to reach new levels. For example to upgrade the equipment from the first level to the second level. You need to use 10 wooden blocks to make. Continuing to raise to new levels will require more resource blocks and different types. After each upgrade will increase the index to be able to exploit more effectively. Help you quickly collect a large number of rare resources.Download PickCrafter

Dig deeper into the biome in PickCrafter. The difficulty increases, because the home will have to dig through many layers of terrain. Not only do they have hardness, but they can also spawn monsters. Spawns that continue mining will have to defeat monsters when encountered. Accordingly, each type of monster will open a match in different styles. For example when facing the mouse monster. They will come up from many holes around. You need to continuously tap accurately to hit the hit. Repeat this until the monster’s health is exhausted. From there will win to continue the mining mission.

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Name ID PickCrafter
Updated On 18/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Fiveamp
Size 78MB
New version 6.0.16
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 18/06/2024 (4 days ago )