EMERGENCY HQ 1.9.09 APK MOD [ Menu LMH, Speed, Huge Amount Of Money]
EMERGENCY HQ 1.9.09 APK MOD [ Menu LMH, Speed, Huge Amount Of Money]

EMERGENCY HQ 1.9.09 APK MOD [ Menu LMH, Speed, Huge Amount Of Money]

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EMERGENCY HQ simulates the fire force, management model. As a manager, your task is to build the headquarters. Develop a force that can always be on hand to deal with fires in many locations. More specifically, you also have to control many other rescue units, not only the fire department. Accordingly, it will have to control staff and operating vehicles. Perform a variety of missions. From there, businesses make money after the rescue work. Aim to build a rescue empire of your own. Control every activity in the city to constantly increase profits. This game is free to experience in offline mode. But it is also possible to play in online mode to help friends solve rescues.

EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK – Administration and Management of the Rescue Alliance in the City

The gameplay of EMERGENCY HQ revolves around the rescue mission in the city. Combined with the element of building and managing rescue operations to earn money. Accordingly, you will build your headquarters on empty land. Create an alliance with various rescue units. By building buildings from each plot and arranging them accordingly. At the same time build roads to create convenience for movement. After receiving an emergency signal from within the city. Immediately after that, they will have to mobilize units with tasks related to the designated location to carry out the rescue.EMERGENCY HQ

Construction of works

To create a rescue alliance in EMERGENCY HQ. It is necessary to use the money to proceed with the construction of various buildings and units. Includes fire, ambulance, police, technical services, and more. Each emergency unit plays its own role in various rescue missions. From there, operating units participate in rescue, medical management, arresting criminals, dealing with disasters, etc. Through the mobilization of vehicles and only canceling the implementation staff. Complete each rescue mission in the city in turn. From there earn money to be able to develop units.Game EMERGENCY HQ

Upgrade units

The Time-lapse takes place in EMERGENCY HQ. The number of rescue jobs is increasing day by day. At the same time, the difficulty of each mission also increases. Therefore, it is necessary to build an emergency rescue alliance with many different projects. By upgrading the forces to increase efficiency during execution. Accordingly, you will use the money earned after completing the tasks. From there, upgrade the fire trucks, ambulances, buildings, and works of each unit. Moreover, it is to expand the territory to be able to build more other buildings.Ear EMERGENCY HQ

Commanding the forces to carry out related work

A series of rescue missions will open one after another to perform. Each mission in EMERGENCY HQ requires the participation of many emergency units. Accordingly, you will have to maneuver and command forces to perform. Only destroy firefighters, ambulances, doctors, police, and special forces. From there, put out the raging fire, give first aid to the injured and put them in an ambulance. Moreover, it is to mobilize the police to arrest criminals in the city. Or command special forces against dangerous terrorist elements. The quest system will be repeated but will be repeated in a different situation. Bringing you different emergency rescue missions.Download EMERGENCY HQ

The process of performing the task

Each rescue mission in EMERGENCY HQ will have to perform a lot of stages. For example, a fire at the stables is going on. As soon as you receive the notification, you need to dispatch the fire and ambulance to the scene. Carry out the rescue in turn in each stage. Command the firefighters to use the sprinklers from the vehicle to put out the fire. At the same time, only cancel first aid personnel for injured people lying on the ground. Then dispatch staff to carry stretchers to take them to the ambulance and move. Or receive news of a car accident. It is necessary to mobilize transport vehicles and rescue forces. Immediately upon arrival, it is necessary to transport the accident vehicle and give first aid to the injured at the scene.

Modified MOD information of EMERGENCY HQ

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money gems
  • Huge Amount Of emeralds
  • speed

Each mission will give specific conditions. Quantity requirements to be completed during the rescue. For example, successfully giving first aid to 2 injured people, extinguishing a fire, and commanding 2 ambulances to move. There are many other missions with increasing difficulty to challenge your management skills.


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Requires Android 5.0
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Size 62MB
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New version 1.9.09
MOD Info Menu, Speed, Unlimited Money
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