Final Destiny 1.74 APK MOD [God e, Huge Amount Of Money]
Final Destiny 1.74 APK MOD [God e, Huge Amount Of Money]

Final Destiny 1.74 APK MOD [God e, Huge Amount Of Money]

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Follow the role-playing gameplay to join the journey in the game Final Destiny. Here you will become an armed heroine. Will have to go on a mission to protect the randomly found child. Through an adventure in a fantasy world full of dangers. In order to survive will have to fight against terrifying monsters and creatures. This game is experienced in offline mode. After joining will have the opportunity to discover many unique features. From a diverse equipment system to valuable items to be collected. Next to that is the combination of pixel graphics, with the image quality created by the points. Along with that is an interesting simulation sound effect during the game.

Final Destiny MOD APK – With the Heroine on the Journey to Protect the Child

Become the heroine in the journey to protect the baby in the fantasy world. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Through adventures unfolding chapter by chapter. Each chapter opens up levels with tough challenges. Revolving around a challenging journey against monsters. Aim to break through waves of enemies and successfully wipe them all out. From there complete the mission in one level. Furthermore, try to pass each level in turn until the conditions are met. Then will unlock the next chapter with new challenges waiting ahead. Also, have the opportunity to discover untold stories.Final Destiny MOD

Intuitive control mechanism

Based on the hero control mechanism in the adventure is played out. You will use the left and right arrow keys to move on the road. At the same time, use the attack skills represented by the characteristic icon. Combine with the sword icon to perform physical attack action. Or you can use support items when needed, shown through the health pot. Through touch or hold to perform. From there fight against monsters, as well as move to protect the child. Besides, the system also displays the detailed status of the heroine. Includes level and amount of health. Experiencing skirmishes with enemies, if hit, the amount of health will gradually decrease.Game Final Destiny MOD

How the game plays out and the rules

Each level takes place in the adventure of Final Destiny. The heroine will carry the child on her back and move on a journey. That process will have the appearance of waves of monsters in large numbers. They will rush to attack to capture the child, as well as prevent you from moving forward. There is no other choice but to fight. Because only when destroying all can survive to complete the assigned task. But besides that, it is necessary to pay attention to the time, in each journey there will be a specific time limit. You must finish the action before the countdown reaches 0. Then you will receive rewards and valuable trophies corresponding to the achievements.

In the journey of the heroine protect the child. Need to be careful when facing waves of attacks from enemies. If you drop the child, you will not be able to attack, nor use skills to fight. Accordingly, you will have to search, only when you find the child can you continue to fight the monster.Tai Final Destiny MOD

Puzzle quests

Besides the adventures of fighting monsters. It is also possible to participate in the puzzle journey in some missions. Accordingly will have to perform the action of puzzle gems. The system will give the stones different colors in order. In the limited time, you need to arrange the gems exactly in the given order. From there will complete a puzzle quest and have a chance to receive a reward. Includes powerful combat skills to attack enemies. Or if you are lucky, you can also receive valuable items.Download Final Destiny MOD

To be able to overcome increasingly difficult challenges in the adventure of Final Destiny. It is necessary to strengthen the fighting ability of the heroine. By finding and using different equipment. Includes weapons, spears, helmets, shoes, rings, and necklaces. Each type of equipment has many options, and they have their own stats. When used, it will increase attack power, health, defense, critical damage ratio, and dodge rate. Further through the gems and equipment collected after the journey. Can be used to upgrade equipment, thereby enhancing superior stats.

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Name ID Final Destiny
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher YEMA GAMES
Size 68MB
New version 1.74
MOD Info God e, Unlimited Money
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )