Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D 4.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Ammo, Onehit]
Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D 4.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Ammo, Onehit]

Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D 4.0 APK MOD [Menu LMH, God-mode, Ammo, Onehit]

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Fight enemy robots in Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D. This is an open-ended action shooting game. Take place in fierce battles in many different arenas. I am a gunman armed with high-tech weapons. You will have to destroy all enemies to survive and complete the mission. Accordingly, it is necessary to overcome many difficult challenges ahead. Face dangerous enemies, they are all evil robots. The only way to win is to wipe them all out. Coming to the battles in the game will have the opportunity to enjoy the battles in many modes. A variety of weapons and support items can be used to attack the enemy.

Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D MOD APK – Battle Against Robot Enemies

The content of Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D opens the war against robots. Revolving around a fierce attack between you and the enemy robots. Play as a gunman to get ready for intense battles. Use the equipped weapon and start the mission. The goal is to wipe out the enemies on the battlefield and win. Through that will use the intuitive control mechanism developed by the game. Navigate and navigate in the form of a joystick for ease of use. Next to that are iconic features to perform actions. Including firing, changing guns, reloading magazines, and using the scope to observe enemies at a distance.Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Campaign mode

Get ready to enter the battles in the campaign mode of Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D. Unlock combat levels by level. Each battle against the robot enemies corresponds to a level. Your mission is to survive fierce attacks from enemies. Simultaneously shoot down to destroy with the required number. After wiping out the enemy robots on the battlefield will complete the mission. Based on the difficulty of the level and achievements. From there has the opportunity to receive the corresponding amount of bonuses to accumulate.

Every fight in Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D takes place in real-time. Achievements will be shown by the number of stars. A match is rated up to 3 stars. But to successfully complete the mission with the maximum number of stars. It is necessary to meet the conditions given at each level of the battle. Also, finish the mission as soon as possible.Game Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Incremental challenge

Continue the mission in the next levels of Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D. There will be a change from many factors to increase the difficulty. With the challenge of the fighting ability of the enemy robots. The same number appeared more, making the battle even more intense. Accordingly, the enemy must be shot down with an increased number. At the same time, the environment takes place and the terrain will change when a certain stage is reached. More specifically, sometimes even facing robot bosses in some battles. This will increase the challenge for you. Because you will have to exchange your life if you can’t destroy the boss.Tai Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Two other modes

Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D game also provides two other modes. Includes ultimate survival mode and air campaign. Accordingly, the last survival mode opens the battle for survival between gunmen. They will compete against each other on the vast map in real-time. Without support, each person is a faction with the goal of shooting down the opponent. The battle lasted until there was only one gunman left on the battlefield. Besides, the air campaign with the mission of attack against flying robots. It is necessary to use all skills to be able to fight enemies in the air.

Various types of guns

From the levels, the battle takes place in Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D. There will be opportunities to experience many different types of guns. For example shotguns, long guns, sniper rifles, and many more. Each type of gun has many choices for you to use. Their ability is shown through the stats. Includes rate of fire, accuracy, range, and damage. Depends on the design of each gun and is chosen by you. Will change the attack style according to its own style. Can maneuver in close-range combat with the use of pistols. Or attack with high precision at long distances when using a sniper rifle.Download Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D

Besides the diverse gun system to attack the enemy. It is also possible to use two types of support equipment in the battles of Fps Robot Shooting Games 3D. It’s a first aid box and a grenade. Each type will bring a unique ability to assist you in combat. For example, the first aid box will restore a certain amount of health to increase the survival rate. Or grenades can be thrown when visibility is limited. With the ability to create an explosion, can deal wide-area damage.

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