Gang Boxing Arena 1.2.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Gang Boxing Arena 1.2.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Gang Boxing Arena 1.2.9 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in the arena of Gang Boxing Arena. Get ready for fierce competition between stickman heroes. Enjoy intense battles to decide the winner. Through eliminating opponents from the arena. The mission is to wipe out the presence of all opponents to become the last. Win to prove your survival. Follow the fun combat action gameplay used in the game. The content that opens revolves around stickman characters. There will be fierce competition in many different arenas. Takes place in lively environments. Not stopping there, there will be opportunities to discover many types of weapons. Promises to bring attraction when participating.

Gang Boxing Arena MOD APK – The Stickman Competition in the Arena

Gang Boxing Arena opens the fight between stickmen. Takes place in simulated arenas in multiple locations. Here, you will play as a stickman character to participate in the match. Follow the competitive gameplay of up to 4 people in an arena. Your mission is to fight with the remaining 3 stickmen. Perform offensive actions to knock opponents out of the arena. Succeed to survive the fierce battles to be the last one standing. Then will win to prove the skill. At the same time get experience points to accumulate, and upgrade to new levels. Moreover, based on achievements, there is a chance to receive a corresponding bonus.Game Gang Boxing Arena

Gameplay, rules

The battle in the arena at Gang Boxing Arena in an open style. Can freely perform offensive actions your way. As well as unlimited movement. Accordingly, you will have to accompany the stickman character to avoid attacks from the opponent. At the same time take advantage of the opportunity to influence the enemy. Make them fly out of the arena to eliminate competitors. According to the rules of the game, stickman characters will have no health. Therefore, it will not be possible to measure the remaining health status. There was only one way to defeat them, and that was to eliminate their presence in the arena.Tai Gang Boxing Arena

Level up, combine skills

The process of competitive war in Gang Boxing Arena. Based on each turn to accurately attack the opponent. Stickman characters will gain experience to reach new levels. From there, you can improve your attack power. Causes enemies to be knocked away for a longer distance on the next attack. To be efficient and win the arena. Need to combine it with your control skills. Observe the onslaught from opponents and the ongoing situation. Option to run away to limit the onslaught. Or wait for the opportunity to end the skirmishes. Make them eliminate each other to reduce the number of enemies.Download Gang Boxing Arena

Explore multiple arenas

From the battles in Gang, Boxing Arena will be explored many different arenas. It can be mentioned as an island in the sea, on a spaceship in outer space. On the crater, in the boxing arena, on the roof of the high-rise building, the plane parking area. There are many other arenas that will be unlocked in turn after each match. They will be recreated in various locations. The difference between each arena is not only reflected in the surroundings. It is also simulated based on the stunning scenery in many vividly designed locations.

Unlock gloves and hats

Based on the number of bonuses accumulated after completing matches at Gang Boxing Arena. Can be used to equip the stickman hero’s gloves. With many different types, designed in the style of boxing gloves. Or collect the game’s signature symbol. Dinosaurs, monsters, crab claws and more can be unlocked. Likewise, it is possible to customize the color and appearance of the character. Through hats designed in the style of forgers. Depending on the type, you can use the money to buy or use a special icon to unlock.Gang Boxing Arena

In each arena, the battles take place in Gang Boxing Arena. Stickman opponents can pick up a variety of weapons to attack. They appear randomly and when used will bring a better effect. For example, the guitar, the laser sword, the knife, and many more. Or you can throw it at the enemy to send them away. During the battle, any weapon, equipment, or tool can be picked up. Then attack the enemy to be able to survive. Thereby increasing the win rate higher.

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Name ID Gang Boxing Arena
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Size 67MB
New version 1.2.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 month ago )