Gangstar Vegas 7.1.1a APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, diamond, vip 10, anti ban]
Gangstar Vegas 7.1.1a APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, diamond, vip 10, anti ban]

Gangstar Vegas 7.1.1a APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, diamond, vip 10, anti ban]

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Adventure combined with action elements often brings exciting moments of entertainment. Come to the game Gangstar Vegas to join the journey. The setting opens up to a vast city inspired by Las Vegas. This place converges evil criminal elements and the domination of gangsters. Play as a mafia in the game to start the adventure. With a series of different criminal activities taking place in the city. Along with many challenges and difficult tasks to accomplish. Along with that are fierce battles. The competitive matches revolve around the theme of racing. Have the opportunity to explore diverse weapon systems. Take actions to choose your own path.

Description about Gangstar Vegas MOD APK – Adventure in a City Full of Crimes

Come to Las Vegas city crime adventure of Gangstar Vegas. Have the opportunity to drive many different vehicles. They can be robbed by commoners for use. Even steal police cars to drive on complicated roads. Or use the accumulated money to buy in the game’s store. Examples include regular sedans, off-road vehicles, SUVs, and more. There is also a special opportunity to drive armored tanks and helicopters. Each vehicle is not only used for transportation. Helps you reduce the time it takes to get to a new place. But sometimes they also play a very important role in defense. Used to make metal armor. Can escape encirclement and withstand multiple waves of fierce attacks.Gangstar Vegas

Various weapon systems

Besides the vehicles that can be used in Gangstar Vegas. The game is also provided with a variety of weapon systems. Includes many different types to use in combat operations. For example a huge collection of guns, with a wide selection of guns. Includes sniper rifle with the advantage of accurate attack from a long distance. Pistol possesses high mobility, and can flexibly attack at close range. Rifle with the ability to fire continuously. There are some other types of guns that will be explored more carefully when participating. Along with that are melee weapons, such as daggers. Can be used to kill targets in silence. By moving silently from behind and finishing. To be able to own favorite weapons. Sometimes will have to use the bonus to unlock.Game Gangstar Vegas

Open gameplay wanted

Based on the story in the city of Las Vegas with the control of criminal gangs. Incorporates the open gameplay used by the Gangstar Vegas. Be one of the criminals like the others. You can perform actions freely. Move to many different locations in the city. Discover fun and unrestricted things. As well as committing crimes to increase the wanted level. But that means facing deadly dangers. By attacking people, and robbing the streets. Or actions that are considered illegal. Then will become the target of being wanted by the police. At the same time, it was also targeted by the notorious mafia gangs. No matter where you go, you can be in danger, and even lose your life.Tai Gangstar Vegas

Criminal activities

A series of different activities will be recreated in the crime city of Gangstar Vegas. Before the competition of a lot of gangsters to gain benefits. Fights and shootings take place frequently. Moreover, there are battles with alien enemies. Fight the fierce conflict against the wave of armored tanks. Or fight to stop the attack of scary zombies. Or drive your car to participate in speed racing on the streets. Chase dangerous robbers and cross the limits of the law. More activities will be opened in the city of Las Vegas. Each mission is a challenge, requiring your skills. Use flexibly to complete excellently and receive attractive rewards.Download Gangstar Vegas

Modified MOD information of Gangstar Vegas

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of diamond
  • vip 10, anti ban

To survive in a city full of dangers. With purge wars between gangs and criminal groups. With fierce competition to find the top in the city of Gangstar Vegas. If you want to be the ruler, control the criminals. Requires your skills to be really flexible. Combine strategies for better performance on each mission. At the same time gain more experience, and open your own path. Take turns taking and moving forward to complete the goal.

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Name ID Gangstar Vegas
Updated On 24/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Gameloft SE
Size 41MB
New version 7.1.1a
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, diamond, vip 10, anti ban
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